2015-2016 New York Women in Communications Mentoring Program

Wherever we are in our careers, we can all benefit from mentoring experiences.


The NYWICI Mentoring Program pairs members from various experience levels and backgrounds with other members who are looking to learn certain skills to elevate their careers and gain insight into certain industries and businesses. It provides a source of encouragement, guidance, advice and access to an invaluable network of support.

Mentors share their expertise with their mentees to help them learn, grow and succeed; mentees will gain invaluable, firsthand support and advice. But the benefits are a two-way street; it can also help mentors’ careers, as it will make them better at what they do and inspire fresh ideas.

Tell us your goals and objectives. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Matches are assigned based on the individual goals and objectives, which mentors and mentees fill out on a mentoring program application. These matchups can range from seasoned professionals looking to learn about social media so they can take on new responsibilities, to students and young professionals deciding whether to explore a new career opportunity or successfully navigate through business.

Throughout the mentoring experience (which can range from 3 months, 6 months or 8 months, depending on your commitment level), discussion topics and recommendations will be provided to help guide thought-provoking conversations, in addition to a kickoff event with all mentors/mentees. Mentoring is also a key component of many NYWICI events throughout the year, including speed mentoring and panels.

Your turn: Start your mentoring experience now.

Please note, the application period has closed. 

For more information contact:

Bonnie Blake and Megan Hess
Co-Chairs, NYWICI Foundation Mentoring Program

*Please note that due to program limitations, not all mentee applicants are guaranteed a match.

*All mentees who apply must have at least one year of membership with NYWICI.