Bustle Digital Group Runs the Gamut of Digital Media

With an-ever expanding audience and a remarkable roster of recent acquisitions, Bustle Digital Group (BDG) has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in media. Since its 2013 launch, Bustle has crafted compelling content for its niche audience of millennial women. The multifaceted company now boasts approximately 80 million monthly readers and continues to produce a wide array of engaging content daily.

Just a short walk from Union Square, BDG headquarters takes up three floors at 315 Park Avenue South. Pastel-colored books adorn the walls and the Bustle logo is illuminated in bright white. One Bustle team member said the growing staff is already outgrowing the space. On the editorial team alone, there are approximately 70 editors, not including the 205 part-time shift writers who freelance from remote locations.

Three BDG employees shared their insight about working at the burgeoning company, which they said still maintains its start-up ambiance. Celebrity Editor and NYWICI Scholarship Recipient Jamie Primeau says a benefit of working in digital media is the immediate the staff receives from audiences.

To generate editorial content, Primeau stays in tune with what conversations are trending on Twitter. The articles they write take a stance, staying careful to stay away from topics that are gossipy or don’t reflect the Bustle feel. Primeau says the stances on various issues vary across Bustle’s many publications. For example, an article about abortion could be covered very differently in lifestyle than it would be in a celebrity column.

Supervising Video Producer Beth Spitalny says the key to engaging readers and viewers “comes down to good storytelling.” This includes, making the audience care, catching their attention (Spitalny says you have three seconds to do this) and creatively using eye-popping visuals.

Part of the appeal of Bustle is its one-stop-shop nature, offering both branded and non-branded content. The Bustle team emphasizes the importance of clearly differentiating between the two on their platforms, steering away from confusing advertorial content.

The projects that Bustle choices are reflective of their commitment to positivity and support. A project that sounds out for Spitalny is a stop motion ad for The o.b. Brand as part of their #OriginalBadass campaign. The Bustle team sees potential for further expanding their content’s reach to connect with more men, as well as their already-established female audience.

Bustle CEO Bryan Goldberg left the Bleacher Report to fill a unique niche in the media realm. He strove to create a platform that gave female readers what they were missing from traditional media. Six years later, BDG continues to grow and increase its engagement.

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