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LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business networking platforms in use today, with an estimated 300 million users. Uniquely different from Facebook, which is used more for personal social networking, it is the perfect platform to promote one’s professional brand. It’s the first place an employer will look to find out more about a candidate, with an estimated 1 million jobs posted on the site. Active job seekers may wish to elevate their LinkedIn membership to the paid Job Seeker model, which offers additional visibility and benefits.

Hannah Goldberg, head of Finance & Services Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn and NYWICI member, shares five top tips on optimizing one’s LinkedIn profile to power up a job search.

Completed Profile Summary

Having a compelling profile summary will multiply one’s page views tenfold according to LinkedIn findings. Use a minimum of forty (well chosen) words, including easily searchable keywords, especially those that are aspirational. The summary statement is where your personality can shine through.

Work Experience: The Whole Story

A resume should be as concise as possible, but LinkedIn is where users should expand and elaborate on their whole life experience as this opens up more connections. State at least four work experiences (including titles) and well as details of accomplishments (in bullet pointed form) and individual strengths of each position.  

Cheering Section: Skills, Endorsements & Recommendations

Skills, endorsements and recommendations sections make you cringe because they feel too self-promotional. Ticking them off, however, increases search four fold, so it is worth biting the bullet. Check 10 or more skills and have at least two recommendations.


More often than not, people skip where they went to school or received their training, figuring that it’s ancient history. Including your education, however, can triple the number of page views received. Education provides context about where you came from and your foundation. Listing your education provides instant access to alumni networks and news. People tend to connect with others who have a shared history and attended the same educational institution.

Professional Headshot and Custom URL

If you use LinkedIn to establish your personal brand, then treat yourself to a professional headshot. Promote your personal brand by customizing your LinkedIn URL to reflect your name or expertise: Locate your URL link under the profile page headshot to edit.


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