Letena Lindsay: The Joy of Working for a Brand You Love

By Ashleigh Brown

Letena LindsayAs the vice president, global communications at Peloton, Letena Lindsay has the unique opportunity to help tell the story of one of the world’s most compelling brands. In Episode 43 of the Coffee Break w/ NYWICI podcast, we caught up with Letena, who shared wise advice about working in public relations, running your own business, the importance of taking time for yourself in the midst of a global pandemic, and more. Here are some key takeaways from the discussion.

The Power of Networking

Letena was working for herself when a former colleague, who now worked for Peloton, contacted her, asking for help hiring a new team. As Letena looked for people to fill an open position at the company, she realized she actually wanted the role. And it turned out her colleague also thought she’d be a perfect fit! “Never burn a bridge,” Letena says. “It’s really important that you don’t shut doors because you just never know.”

Finding a Company You Believe In

Once she secured the role at Peloton, Letena had to transition back to the corporate job lifestyle again. As an entrepreneur, she had gotten used to making her own schedule, so she worried that the change might be uncomfortable. But thankfully, her transition was easy, she says, because her morals and values lined up with the company so well. “I had my own consulting business for over a decade and coming back into corporate America, it wasn’t something I took lightly but it really felt right to me.” Letena says. “I shuttered my business, and it really has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Self-Care During Covid-19

A year into the pandemic, we’re all feeling worn down. For those of us working remotely, it’s become especially tricky to draw boundaries between work and home responsibilities, sometimes leading us to work all day without breaks. But squeezing in time for self-care is crucial, Letena says. Mark off a few minutes on your calendar and commit to spending that time on something good for your physical and mental well-being (Taking a quick Peloton class, perhaps?). “You’re never going to be able to give your best if you don’t take time for yourself,” Letena points out. “Trying to find those mental wellness moments are critical.”

Thanks to Letena Lindsay for being part of the NYWICI podcast! You can listen to all the episodes here.

Ashliegh Brown
Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh Brown is a recent CUNY York College graduate with a BA in Journalism. She hopes to become a social media strategist for a fashion or beauty lifestyle brand and is currently working on going to law school next fall. Ashleigh has an upcoming blog/store called FourEleven where she shares all her favorite things including beauty, fashion, food, travel & lifestyle and also sells her own homemade hair growth oil.


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