Show Your Value

I remember the state of confusion I was in when I heard “static backup” for the first time as an intern in Meredith Corporation’s Digital Department. Then there was mobile optimized, branded targeted media and my personal favorite, the rising kickstar unit.

My Internship Abroad

Maura at Wembley Stadium for an English National Soccer Team game This semester, I was given an amazing opportunity to intern in the sports department of The Times in London, England. I'm currently studying in London for the semester, and as a part of my study abroad program, I had the option of doing an internship, which would be pre-arranged by an internship coordinato

As Graduation Approaches, Answering the Big Questions

"What are you doing after you graduate?" Every senior knows this question all too well. With March already here, graduation is not so far away. Resumes have been freshly printed and sent out to various companies in hopes of finding a job in this recession. As a senior, the fear of not getting a job is what keeps me up at night. The constant questions continually remind me of that fear, and I cringe at the very question, "What are you doing after you graduate?" So, what am I doing after I graduate?

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