Next Up: Student Career Conference!

Calling all aspiring careerwomen! On Saturday, Nov. 6, join your fellow NYWICI girls at the Student Career Conference in NYC! More than 50 communications professionals will gather to offer their expert advice to students and young professionals -- and even reveal some secrets about breaking into the industry. Bottom line: register NOW! The conference will be divided into three sections with various panels.

Pay It Forward Mentoring

Being a member of New York Women in Communications taught me the importance of mentorship and encouragement when working toward a career. As a mentee, I've learned invaluable lessons about different careers in the communications industry from the professional members of NYWICI and have been empowered to reach for goals I never thought I could accomplish.

Next in Media: Journos Miscalculated Box Office Records; U.S. Olympic TV Network to Debut

  • Entertainment journalists often don't account for inflation when reporting on box office records. Technically, Gone with the Wind still holds the record, earning over 50 percent more than Titanic in 2009 dollars. [Slate]
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee will introduce a network devoted entirely to Olympic sports, expected to debut next year after the Vancouver Winter Olympics. [AP/Yahoo News]

Q&A with Linda Wells: Editor in Chief of Allure, 2009 Matrix Award Recipient, and... my idol!

by Kaitlin Tambuscio, The College of New Jersey '10 2009 NYWICI Foundation Scholarship Recipient Kaitlin Tambuscio with her idol, Matrix Honoree and Editor-in-Chief of Allure Linda Wells, at the 2009 Matrix Awards Ever since the 2007 New York Women in Communication Foundation Student Career Conference, I've been a serious fan of Linda Wells. She's inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a magazine editor, and it's not difficult to see why. I scored some one-on-one time over the phone with the beauty expert herself, and we discussed everything from being environmentally conscience to which products are her favorite (today). She even shared something she wants every NYWICI Girl to know! Read on. Congratulations on your Matrix Award! What do you think you accomplished this year that was different and groundbreaking? The challenge of this year has really changed and strengthened my conviction and what Allure does. In difficult times, and we are definitely in difficult times, appearance becomes really important. It becomes important in the way that women take care of themselves, and in the way that taking care of themselves makes them feel. It lifts their confidence. It gives women a sense of pride and control. Confirming those feelings and the importance of keeping up appearances these days is something that is crucial to Allure. I'm happy and proud in the way that we've brought that to our readers. A more concrete accomplishment I made in the past year started when I wrote an editor's letter in the October issue about excess packaging. Just in trying new products you can fill a garbage can in no time with all the layers and layers of packaging. This excess is associated with luxury products and expensive products. I was disgusted and frustrated with this because there is no reason that luxury has to be synonymous with excess, particularly in the way of packaging. Based on that letter, Origins was inspired to launch a recycling program called Return to Origins, and they now have recycling bins in department stores and their own stores where they will take any beauty product, not just their own, and they will take care of recycling and repackaging. It was really a great thing to see something that I wrote and a feeling that I had have an impact in a more meaningful way. I credit Origins for really taking action. And I have to ask... what's in your makeup bag? Oh my gosh, so many things-it's a real horror show! The reality is it changes all the time, that's one of the great things about my job. I'm trying new things all the time. What I love today is going to be replaced by what I love tomorrow. Right now I really love Shiseido Tinted Moisturizer, Prescriptives Concealer, NARS eye shadow. I really love the Lancome Oscillation Mascara; it's fun, I don't know why but it makes me happy! I change lipsticks all the time and lipgloss wears off in two seconds. I always rotate in new products and kick out old ones. I'm using Lancome Genifique, a skin brightener, and I'm just trying a new Chanel cream that I just got yesterday in the lab sample. I love fragrance. Everyday is a new adventure. I love trying new things! What's one thing you want every NYWICI girl to know? I think the most important thing in your career is knowing how to recover from a failure. Maybe failure is too strong of a word, but recovering from a stumble is I think what makes the greatest success. You can't rely on luck, and everyone's going to make a mistake. So the question is, how resilient are you? How do you learn from that? And how do you keep that from being your life sentence, from being your career killer? I do think that if you realize that you learn more from failure than you do from success that you can take the difficulties in stride and really grow from that.

My Internship Abroad

Maura at Wembley Stadium for an English National Soccer Team game This semester, I was given an amazing opportunity to intern in the sports department of The Times in London, England. I'm currently studying in London for the semester, and as a part of my study abroad program, I had the option of doing an internship, which would be pre-arranged by an internship coordinato


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