NYWICI Must Reads July 21, 2017

NYWICI Must Reads July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017
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Tekla Szymanski

NYWICI Must Reads July 7, 2017

Next Up: Student Career Conference!

Calling all aspiring careerwomen! On Saturday, Nov. 6, join your fellow NYWICI girls at the Student Career Conference in NYC! More than 50 communications professionals will gather to offer their expert advice to students and young professionals -- and even reveal some secrets about breaking into the industry. Bottom line: register NOW! The conference will be divided into three sections with various panels.

Pay It Forward Mentoring

Being a member of New York Women in Communications taught me the importance of mentorship and encouragement when working toward a career. As a mentee, I've learned invaluable lessons about different careers in the communications industry from the professional members of NYWICI and have been empowered to reach for goals I never thought I could accomplish.

Next in Media: Journos Miscalculated Box Office Records; U.S. Olympic TV Network to Debut

  • Entertainment journalists often don't account for inflation when reporting on box office records. Technically, Gone with the Wind still holds the record, earning over 50 percent more than Titanic in 2009 dollars. [Slate]
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee will introduce a network devoted entirely to Olympic sports, expected to debut next year after the Vancouver Winter Olympics. [AP/Yahoo News]


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