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Next in Media: Summer Network TV Viewership Drops This Year; Magazine Ad Revenue Down in First Half of '09

  • Most major TV networks are suffering double-digit ratings drops this summer from last summer, in spite of spikes from coverage of Michael Jackson's death and moderate summer hits So You Think You Can Dance (Fox), Wipeout (ABC) and America's Got Talent (NBC). [USA Today]

Next in Media: Launches New Video Channel; Anderson Cooper Interviews Obama in Ghana

  • is gambling against the "shorter is better" wisdom of Web videos by launching a new video channel that will air videos of six minutes or longer. The channel will string together short clips of interviews with different celebrities to keep viewers engaged. []

Next in Media: Journos Miscalculated Box Office Records; U.S. Olympic TV Network to Debut

  • Entertainment journalists often don't account for inflation when reporting on box office records. Technically, Gone with the Wind still holds the record, earning over 50 percent more than Titanic in 2009 dollars. [Slate]
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee will introduce a network devoted entirely to Olympic sports, expected to debut next year after the Vancouver Winter Olympics. [AP/Yahoo News]


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