Learning Your Value with Mika Brzezinski

December 14, 2016

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, is on a mission to help women know and grow their value. "Knowing your brand and knowing your value is important even when your stock is down,” she told a packed room of 150 NYWICI members and guests gathered for NYWICI’s Cocktails & Conversation event on Dec. 7, 2016, at Bloomberg.

The audience saw Mika get real personal real fast. She started by sharing her story of being fired from a job she loved at CBS, candidly admitting to the sadness and shame she felt and to the lessons she learned when it came to “resetting” her own brand.

The message resonated with the crowd, which represented communications experts from all levels. “It was extremely inspiring to have someone so willing to be open and honest about their struggles and really connect with people,” said Katrina Purcell, multimedia operations program manager at Bloomberg.

Robin DeMarco, a business & lifestyle coach, agreed, noting that “It was fascinating to me that Mika made reference to our instinctual habits. That despite putting all the hard work in, we women feel ‘lucky’ to be where we are. We are the first to apologize, and we feel this need to always make others comfortable.

“I also found it to be so true that we can be the absolute best advocates for others, yet struggle when it comes to ourselves and asking for what we deserve,” Robin added, who, like all attendees, received a copy of Mika’s  book Knowing Your Value. “For example, I’m a passionate advocate for my clients when it comes to helping them negotiate their salaries and titles, yet I struggle personally when charging clients for the value that I bring them.”

To that end, here are a few key takeaways Mika shared:

Mika BrzezinskiCommand your presence. "There's a lot to say, but if you don’t say it well — if you don't command your presence — it is red meat for someone."  

Find your voice. "Finding your voice is physical. Speak in public, practice hearing your own voice, pay attention to your posture." 

Communication starts on the inside. “There is something about communicating effectively that you have to find from within."

“I loved being among such smart, passionate woman who seemed to really support each other which can be hard to find in one room,” said Robin. And Katrina added, “It was a great mix of women at all different levels in their careers. I enjoyed learning about various roles at other companies. Positions are not as cut and dry as they used to be, so it is always interesting to hear what options exist out in the world.” 

Here is a short clip of Mika: https://www.facebook.com/nywici/videos/10153868585436557/

If you would like to learn more about knowing and growing your value, pick up a copy of Mika’s book, Knowing Your Value, or look for her next Knowing Your Value Conference. And to make sure you don’t miss another fantastic NYWICI event, be sure to become a member — or find out if your company has a corporate membership that you can access — and check out our upcoming events calendar

New York Women in Communications thanks NBC Universal for donating Mika’s book to attendees and Bloomberg for hosting the event.

Photos: Jan Goldstoff



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Robyn Hatcher

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