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February 6, 2018

Aloud Blog ProWith the number of responsibilities we have in our daily lives, it seems almost unfeasible to join a professional organization. Commitments to family, career and school, may prevent us from seeing the benefits of joining a professional organization, resulting in missed opportunities to gain valuable contacts with like-minded women. 

In a recent NYWICI Twitter chat “Networking & Professional Organizations,” chat co-host Mandy Carr led a lively online discussion regarding the benefits of joining a professional organization. Mandy is a freelance journalist and founder of the blog

According to Mandy, reasons to joining a professional organization include opportunities to “meet inspirational people in your industry, go to cool events and learn things you can use in your career.”

Mandy shared the following insights:

What are benefits of professional organizations such as NYWICI?

Networking is one of the biggest benefits of joining an organization. It's these connections that can help you in your career. You can also get involved in your organization and build skills that can help you in your career and just do fun things you wouldn't normally do. 

How can students benefit from professional organizations?

It's a great way for students to meet people in their industry. They can meet professionals at networking events, sign up for a mentor and get scholarship opportunities. 

When is the best time to join: As a college student or as a recent graduate? 

I think you should join in college. The sooner you start making connections the better.

As a member of NYWICI, what networking opportunities are available?

NYWICI has networking events where you can meet other professionals; you can also meet great panelists at NYWICI’s events. One of the things I love about all the networking opportunities is that you are always inspired or learn something at the events.

In addition to networking, what other resources are available and how can they help start or advance your career?

NYWICI has coaches that can give you tips and advice, and as a member, you get one free session with a coach of your choice. The Aloud blog is great for advice and tips too. The panels also offer insights from professionals. The Young Professionals have a podcast with interviews with industry professionals. 

Do employers value membership in a professional organization?

The employers that are familiar with the organization definitely value when you are part of one.

How should students and young professionals best utilize their membership in a professional organization? 

Students and young professionals should get involved with their organization. Join a committee, go to networking events and especially take advantage of the annual Student Communications Career Conference. I would not have the career I have today without NYWICI. It's a constant source of inspiration, learning and great people.


New York Women in Communications is a great place to connect with women at all stages of the career spectrum.

Visit the membership page for more information about how to become a member. 



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