NYWICI President Jacki Kelley: "Making Sense of Chaos"

February 17, 2017

JackiJacki Kelley is president of NYWICI for the 2016-2017 year and Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg Media at Bloomberg LP—the leading global business and financial media organization that comprises every platform: digital, television, radio, print, magazines and live events.

A dynamic leader, Jacki has been widely credited with disrupting traditional business models to successfully meet client objectives across the publishing and advertising industries during her tenure at IPG Mediabrands, Yahoo!, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and USA Today. She also is a recognized champion of diversity and inclusion initiatives across Bloomberg Media, having formalized a number of programs focused on recruitment, retention and development of employees across all aspects of diversity.

In addition to her NYWICI Matrix Award, Jacki is the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Citizenship Award from the John A. Reisenbach Foundation and 2016 Muse Award from New York Women in Film and Television. In 2015, she was named to Variety's Power of Women New York ranking of game-changers in the entertainment and media industries. And in 2013 Jacki was featured as one of Crain's New York Business's 50 Most Powerful Women in New York, one of Advertising Age's 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising and was number one on Business Insider's 30 Most Powerful Women in Advertising list.  

Why she does what she does… “I love making sense of chaos...disrupting and creating. I equally enjoy building teams and collaborating with smart, dedicated and innovative people. I chase roles that give me the chance to do both.”

Drawn to NYWICI… “What resonated with me was how NYWICI members constantly inspire one another to achieve and share their successes. We are all volunteers who are invested in each other’s success and raising each other up.”

My favorite social media platform… “It may sound a bit retro, but for me it’s a good old fashioned conversation—the best social platform and, I think, making a comeback! I fear we are more connected than ever and yet more isolated. I am an advocate for “face time,” meaning sitting down and talking without the phone in reach!”

Today’s biggest challenge in my field of communications… “It’s really about how brands and media owners can help connect with consumers in a meaningful and effective way—adding value in some way that moves them to act. That is the goal and getting harder in an increasingly fragmented media landscape with a high bar for authenticity. But therein lies the opportunity! And, I’m very excited about the investment Bloomberg Media is making to support our B2B clients and others aiming to reach a premium audience.”

At the top of my trend watching list in 2017… “Trust: ad fraud + fake news. We are at a critical moment for the brands that can to rise up. Fraud is a real and critical issue—and we’ve only just begun the dialogue and this must be solved. As a partner, we at Bloomberg Media are focused on ensuring that we are doing everything we can to deliver every ounce of value we can. It’s vital that credible news organizations demonstrate their value at this important time. I’m glad to be at an organization that is non-partisan, well resourced and determined.”

Key to successful disruption… “The notion that failure is proof that you are trying. Net-net, take an adaptive approach to planning and always be ready to pivot.”

Out with busy… “I no longer say I'm busy, I say I'm overly fulfilled.”

Lend a hand, raise a hand… “Promoting workplace diversity is EVERYONE's job and, on the flip side, when you need something, raise your hand and seek out a mentor.” 

Off the clock, really… “I love to check out, REALLY! I hang with my family and we play vicious games of Monopoly (although, shhh…Twister is my favorite!). Foster kids, cooking and chillin’ on the couch with family, movie and popcorn.”

Jacki’s nirvana... “Nirvana for me is not where I am, but who I am with...a quiet night cuddling with family under the blanket watching a great movie and munching on popcorn!”

Did you know… “I’m a foster parent and passionate about foster care.”

Day to relive… “That’s an easy one: the birth of my daughter. She was born at 7:13 am and every year when that time comes around on her birthday we cheer and celebrate. I would love to go back to that day and relive the first moment I saw her and held her...nothing sweeter.”

Words to live by… “I’d have to say it is, “We get what we give.’ Although the most powerful words in my book are, without a doubt: ‘How can I help?’”




Greetings Ms. Kelley,

I continue to follow the work of New York Women in Communication after Beth Ellen Keyes introduced me to it when I first arrived in New York several years ago. I bring to your attention the work of Ms. Ella J. Baker in honor of Black History Month and the current Women's Movement. Ms. Baker who was a New Yorker joined forces with Dr. King in Raleigh NC in April 1960 to help students/youth galvanize for civil rights at Shaw University. They asked the students that organized SNCC that weekend to keep as their ultimate goal the creation of The Beloved Community. I have provided a link with me walking in front of a mural of Ms. Baker at Shaw and the story of her link to Congressman Lewis and The Beloved Community.


It is my view that the gap between The Beloved Community that Ella J. Baker and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned and asked that SNCC students make as their ultimate goal in April 1960 and the civil rights movement takeaways was the ongoing toxic emotions, behavioral gaps, and toxic communication gone viral that together are the residuals of African American enslavement in the United States (the psychosis of human slave traffickers in the U.S., the residual impact on their families today and on their prey and their families today). 

As I burn the midnight oil that Dr. King suggested that we may need to do on our journey to the human justice and collective peace that we seek through what we call right thought, right heart, right action, know that I can envision a new and healthier communication process for us all. May our collective communications work bring about the greater good.


Detine Bowers

Detine L. Bowers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor -- Mass Communications Shaw University – This is E.P.I.C!
919.582-4992 (office) | dbowers@shawu.edu<mailto:dbowers@shawu.edu>


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