What Makes You Stand Out?

February 20, 2017

AloudYoProBefore I moved to upstate New York to start my job as a television reporter, one of my mentors asked me, “What’s your superpower?” I must have looked at him with the most dumbfounded and confused look. Ever since, I have been searching for my “superpower.”

By using the term “superpower,” did he mean what makes me stand out in a sea of communications professionals? We all meet deadlines and generate content — but I asked myself: “What makes me different?”

I started taking note of individuals who have unique interests that may be translated into a “side hustle.” A side hustle is the job or obligation (it can be volunteering) that someone does to supplement her everyday job.  

The side hustle can serve many purposes for young professionals:

Financial Stability
A side gig in something other than the job that provides your primary financial income can put some extra cash in the bank.

Fulfilling Your Passions
Keep your passions alive — or find a new one! Sometimes it can get monotonous working in the same position or desk job. Maybe you love animals and want to get involved at the local humane society, or you have a blog that pulls together all of your different interests. According to Qz.com, “The side hustle offers something worth more than money: A hedge against a feeling of stuck and dull.” These passions will enhance your day-to-day and give you a new perspective on topics separate from your primary line of work.

Bringing More to the Table
By embracing new passions and obligations, you will have more to offer. You have a set of diversified skills with a “side hustle” that your colleagues might not have. There is nothing better than being able to connect with people in the workplace — and your side hustles make you that much more interesting.

Meredith Dean of Seacrest Studios enjoys her “side hustle,” which is running her digital branding company. She is the Program Coordinator at SeacreStudios at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, where she operates TV and radio programming for hospitalized children. She is also the founder of The Dean’s List Digital Branding Services, where she helps build online portfolios and offers career consulting to help her clients land their dream jobs. Meredith believes that balancing more than one position or having a side hustle is a great way to gain new skills that apply to her career at Seacrest Studios. ”I have my 9-5 and my 5-9. I like to be very, very busy — and I feel like it keeps me very motivated all of the time,” she says. Her experience in broadcast media has helped her business tremendously: “I am able to stay up-to-date with current trends and tech and expand my network enormously.”

Meredith stresses that side hustles are a great way to get a second income while doing something you love. “Especially for millennials, it is really nice to have two incomes. If you have a hobby and you really love it, why not start something that can earn an income? I love building resumes, websites and helping people. Why not do all three?”

Side hustles help you become a well-rounded and marketable asset. This is all the more reason for young professionals to be open-minded in the search of what matters to us to find our “superpower.”


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Justine Re

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