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December 26, 2017

Lindsey WeberSeason two of Coffee Break with NYWICI is officially underway! For the premiere episode, we sat down with Lindsey Weber, freelance writer and co-host of one of our favorite podcasts, Who? Weekly. Before her current gig, Lindsey worked for many sites, including Vulture and Buzzfeed, so she had plenty of valuable advice for both freelancers, podcasters, and anyone else working in media.

Try New Things

In college, Lindsey majored in journalism and English, but wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do for a career. All she knew was that she liked to write and that she was naturally inclined to use social media. “You’ll see, with all my jobs, I went back and forth between different types of writing,” she said. Because she didn’t have a specific career path in mind, she ended up trying out many roles, including ones at New York magazine, AOL, a social media agency, and Buzzfeed. She recommends others follow a similar experimental path: “Find platforms where people are doing cool things, and try your own cool thing. Don’t just do what the platform says you should do on it—do a weird thing.”

Keep in Touch

“Everything comes back together,” Lindsey said. “It’s all the same people in your career that keep on hiring you again and again if you’re nice to them.” Her own career path has often benefited from assistance of people she’s worked with before, and she stuck with Who? Weekly because her network encouraged her to pursue her dream.

Be Nice

Of course, Lindsey returns the favor and helps others whenever possible. One easy way to support your network? Keeping in touch through social media. Lindsey will often reach out and say “Hey, what you’re working on is so cool! Do you need any help?” People appreciate the encouragement.

Use Twitter to Your Advantage

We all know how tricky it can be to build a personal brand on Twitter. That’s why Lindsey suggested posting things that “represent you and show that you’re smart or that your take is interesting.” She also recommends not only posting about politics, even though it consumes so much of our national attention right now. “We’re all in this together and you’re also allowed to... support other people’s culture and their work and their comedy and their TV shows,” she said.


Thanks to Lindsey Weber for being part of the podcast! To listen to all the episodes of Coffee Break w/ NYWICI, visit nywici.org/podcast.




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