December 2010


Happy First Birthday, Aloud

Michele HushThis month NYWICI's Aloud blog celebrates its first anniversary. (Thank you, Deirdre Wyeth, for the name.) In 63-and-counting posts, editorial directors Gail Griffin and Patricia Maloney have worked with me (Michele, left) to shape Aloud's style, create interesting content and find talented writers.

The fundamental criterion for Aloud is relevance to professional women and the communications business. We've covered current events, new technology and green marketing; profiled women to admire and emulate; offered secrets of success; persuaded guests to blog for us; celebrated good news; and critiqued the bad research and facile information that makes us crazy.

The best articles tend to encourage, educate, make us laugh or -- like Tekla Szymanski's "We Did It! Not So Fast" -- make us rootin' tootin' angry.

One of our most-read and most-commented-on posts was Laura Kaplow-Goldman's "New Career, New Industry, New Life" -- the story of her journey from writing pharmaceutical press releases to becoming PR director of the New Victory Theater. Another high point: "Mighty Morphin' Brontë Sisters," a hilarious video that imagines the Brontë sisters as power dolls.

Some of my favorites are the profiles we published last March for women's history month. Every one is special. Some examples:
  • Virginia Sobol's inspiring profile of heroic Ida B. Wells, who used the power of her writing to change discriminatory laws and crusade against lynching
  • Theresa Braine's memories of the impossibly brave Esther Chavez
  • Tekla Szymanski's wonderful history of the indomitable Nellie Bly, an intrepid globe-trotting reporter who saw it all and covered it all 100 years ago
Aloud is always looking for good writers. If you're interested, contact me at
— Michele Hush

Michele is a freelance corporate and marketing writer. She also writes her own blog, Divinipotent Daily.