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Join us as we network and take on some of the hottest topics on today’s communication landscape. How and when do you seek media attention? How do you handle media attention that you don’t seek? We’ve all heard “content is king” but what kind of content and where’s the kingdom? At this interactive event, you’ll have two opportunities to join subject matter experts and other attendees at tables devoted to a specific topic. Table topics include: Branded Content Curation, Personal Branding, Media Relations 101, Social Engagement, Strategic Transitioning & Strategic Business Planning: Whether you work for yourself or for a large corporation, you will come away with practical tips and strategies to help you advance your career and make a bigger impact. This event is Co-Sponsored by WE NYC and in collaboration with New York Women in Business (NYWIB).

*FYI Due to venue policies, alcohol will not be served at this event.

Table Topics:

Branded Content:

From blogs and podcasts to e-newsletters, we all consume branded content each and every day — in fact 91% of B2B brands and 86% of B2C businesses report leveraging content marketing strategies as a part of their marketing mix. It’s no surprise, considering 74% of companies indicate content marketing helps increase lead quality and quantity. In addition to lead generation, strong content can foster brand credibility and increase positive sentiment – 95% of B2B buyers consider content as a trustworthy factor when evaluating a business and its services and products. Join Georgia Galanoudis, VP of Strategic Planning at Rauxa & VP of Communications at NYWICI, along with WE NYC’s Joanne Friedland Roberts, Co-Founder of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT for helpful tips and insight into creating a content strategy that aligns to your business goals and sets you up for success.

Personal Branding:

While your resume may speak to your experience and your title notes your position at the company – what is your personal brand? What are your passions, what sets you apart from others and makes you memorable? Who we are as individuals and how we market ourselves is an essential concept for any business owner or executive. Meet with communication/public speaking expert and author, Robyn Hatcher, and WE NYC’s Nicole McGarrel, founder of Sunny Day Marketing, to learn how to identify your personal brand and harness its power in business and your career.

Media Relations 101:

A core aspect of public relations, the relationship between a company and the media is vital to most businesses. The media has the opportunity to tell the company’s story, shape public perception and ultimately create and drive awareness. Every business owner and executive should know its media relations strategy and understand how to leverage media opportunities to inform the public of an organization’s mission, focus and offerings. Meet with public relations professional Liz Castoro, Public Relations Director of Global Communications at MetLife and WE NYC’s Alejandra Chaparro, founder of 17 Entertainment. Together you will learn how to work with the media and harness the power of communications.

Social Engagement:

Similar to content marketing, all businesses are aware of the power of social media in today’s evolving cultural landscape. From building brands’ online presence to engaging directly with its clients and customers, social media is a strong and growing channel – in fact more than 70% of small businesses use social media. To ensure you are effectively and efficiently utilizing social media as well as have an understanding of emerging trends and platforms, meet with Liz Kressel, a digital media executive and entrepreneur who is now the Managing Director of Lizard Media, and WE NYC’s Juliana Uribe, founder and CEO of Movilizatorio

Strategic Transitioning

With 16.5 million people working in ‘contingent’ or ‘alternative work arrangements,’ the gig economy is a growing trend with individuals leveraging work opportunities outside of the typical 9 to 5 jobs. From starting a small business to leveraging expertise as a consultant to changing careers, it’s crucial to have a strategic plan in place to ensure not only survival, but growth. Meet with Jennifer Owens, former editorial director at Working Mother Magazine who recently transitioned to running her own successful consultancy, Jennwork, as well as leading digital strategy for HealthyWomen.org and WE NYC’s Ramona Cedeno, founder and CEO of FiBrick Financial Services. Learn what it takes to thrive in your next chapter.

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*Due to venue policies, alcohol will not be served at this event.

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This event is organized jointly by NY Women in Communications and WE NYC.

Date: September 20, 2018
 5:45 – 8:30pm
Place: NYC Department of Small Business Services, 110 William St 4th Flr.

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