Digital Salon: SEO

October 5, 2010

Podcast: A Primer for Beginners on How to Gain Traffic from Search Engines

On Oct. 5, Annie Stickey, General Manager of, gave a lecture to the NYWICI community on the importance of SEO in today's online marketing environment. Annie explained that SEO is more than just picking keywords and writing content for a page. Annie explained why "quality beats quantity" when to links back to a site, why picking the right domain name is very important and why you can't beat the "long tail," and how to make your search terms relevant to your site.  Annie gave an overview of some very informative SEO tips and tricks that can get your website ranking in the number one spot of Google or Bing.

Annie Stickey is the General Manager of Online Marketing and Development at Minyanville Media INC. She previously worked as the head of SEO and Ad Conversion for Forbes Media, where she was instrumental in exponentially increasing the search traffic to their financial content. She also developed the advertising conversion team, where she used behavioral tracking to increase conversions to all third party sites across all Forbes Digital properties, in conjuction, she also started the personalized behavioral targeted content program.

She also previously worked as the Online Marketing Manager for, where she was in charge on online Analytics, e-mail marketing, PPC and SEO. She is a certified Google Professional and a Yahoo Ambassador. She speaks regularly at Search Marketing Conferences such as SES, and the DMA. With a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Gettysburg College, she is currently combining her love of behavioral analysis with the Science of SEO.

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