New York City: The Digital Trends Capital

February 19, 2013
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By Tameka Vasquez

Individual influence is growing, entrepreneurship is being fueled and the exchange of information, opinions and ideas has accelerated in today's digital world. NYWICI's Feb. 19, 2013 panel discussion New York City: The Digital Trends Capital, part of New York's Social Media Week, provided a comprehensive discussion on how the digital growth is undoubtedly changing the landscape of some of the city's largest industries. The question of the night seemed to be: Can you keep up? 

The panel included: Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Digital Brand Architects; Amanda Hesser, Co-Founder of Food52; Jennifer Preston, of The New York Times; and Tammy Tibbetts, Founder and President of She's The First. The panel was moderated by Stacy Martinet, Chief Marketing Officer of Mashable.

The keynote speaker, Rachel Haot, the Chief Digital Officer of the City of New York, featured as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30, wrapped up the night by providing an exciting sneak peek into the latest initiatives and developments geared towards making New York the premier digital city of the world. View Rachel's presentation here.

"I learned so much tonight," said Melanie Palmer, an attendee and a senior account manager at Cision. "These women are very informed, they're inspirational and really made me think about influencers and making the effort to connect with them online." Another attendee, Marybeth Medina, a public relations major at William Paterson University and intern with First and Last PR, added that the event helped her understand the direction communications is heading in. "It's great to see how women are so willing to help each other out."

Here are some quick take aways:

What does the digital world grant you?

  • The ability to create something very quickly
  • The access to develop different relationships
  • The potential to reach the world at the click of your mouse
  • The option of joining or creating your own community or hub 
  • The feeling of entrepreneurialism and freedom to learn as you go

What should women in communications consider? 

  • Develop and maintain a personal and professional online presence
  • Make a curated list of online influencers across social media platforms and treat them as you would your daily news source
  • Don’t be nervous to seek people out through social media and find mentors
  • Let social media be your personal wire service. Let it save you the time that it takes to find people, ideas, opinions and information
  • Pick up as many tech skills as you can


Slideshow images: Jan Goldstoff

This event was part of Social Media Week in New York City.

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