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Courage v. Fear: Navigating the Big Risks to “Go Big” | May 18, 2017
Nobody wants to fail — and yet, no one succeeds every time. In an era of “go big or go home” and constant media change, how can creatives balance their sense of courage with the sense of fear that comes with making a case, making a change or making something altogether new? And when you do fail, how do you get up to do it all over again? Our panel of experts will share real-life stories of...
Professionals Committee Meeting | May 11, 2017
Date: Thursday, May 11 Time : 6:00-7:00pm Location: TBD
HSO Committee Meeting | May 10, 2017
Date: Wednesday, May 10 Time : 8:30-9:30am Location: TBD
Non-Traditional Communications Jobs That Rock | May 9, 2017
REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED. On-site registration will be available. This is not your average panel: You won't find any magazine editors-in-chief, or advertising executives, or TV anchors. Instead, we're shining a spotlight on a variety of fascinating jobs from across the communications industry that you don't often hear about — or may not have even considered as career options...
NYWICI & EWC Present: Careers in Media | April 27, 2017
Please join us for SIEDC’s Annual Business Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn on Staten Island for a chance to hear from 4 former NYWICI scholarship recipients as they give first-hand advice on how they pursued their goals in the industry. The SIEDC welcomes communication executives and associates from Manhattan to speak to high school and college students about pursuing a career in media and...
2017 Matrix Awards | April 24, 2017
Thank you to the 2017 Corporate host ANNOUNCING THE 2017 MATRIX HONOREES Rukmini Callimachi — Foreign Correspondent, The New York Times P resenter: Lydia Polgreen — Editor-In-Chief, The Huffington Post Gretchen Carlson — Journalist and Women's Empowerment Advocate P resenter: Paul Feig — Writer, Director, Producer Susan Credle — Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB P resenter: Julie Kent — Artistic...
Student Affairs Committee Meeting | April 19, 2017
Date: Wednesday, April 19 Time : 6:00-7:00pm Location: TBD
Professionals Committee Meeting | April 13, 2017
Date: Thursday, April 13 Time : 6:00-7:00pm Location: TBD
Young Professionals Committee Meeting | April 12, 2017
Date: Wednesday, April 12 Time : 6:3o-7:30pm Location: TBD
HSO Committee Meeting | April 12, 2017
Date: Wednesday, April 12 Time : 8 :30-9:30am Location: TBD