NYWICI is the premier organization for female communications professionals in the New York metropolitan area and is dedicated to two main pillars:

Please note that we prorate our membership dues. Click HERE to view our dues structure

  • The Advancement of Women at Every Stage of their Career
  • The Changing Landscape of Communications

We offer timely, relevant professional education as well as networking, mentoring, coaching and volunteer opportunities that help our members make personal and professional connections while developing skills and careers.



NYWICI's members include:

  • full-time employees
  • freelancers
  • consultants
  • business owners
  • students
  • young professionals
  • retirees

Across multiple facets of the communications industry, including:

  • advertising
  • broadcasting
  • corporate communications
  • digital and multi-media, film and video
  • graphic arts
  • integrated marketing
  • public relations
  • publishing
  • journalism
  • social media and much more


Membership to NYWICI includes:

  • advance notification and reduced fees to career-building and networking events
  • special pricing to programs that include the annual Matrix Awards and the New York Women in Communications annual Student Career Conference
  • access to exclusive member-only events
  • For a full listing, visit our member benefits page.


For those who are new to NYWICI, there will be an initiation charge for all new member types except for New Student Members and New Retiree Members. The initiation charge is a one-time fee used to cover the initial costs of being a member. The initiation fees are as follows:

New Professional Membership: $45 
New Young Professional Membership: $25
New Non-Resident Membership: $25

We also provide a payment plan for New Members which includes the initiation fee, if that fits more comfortably into your budget.


Please note that NYWICI's calendar runs from June 1 to May 31. All memberships are due for annual renewal on May 31. We offer a payment plan to current members for your renewal if this fits more comfortably into your budget. 

For membership details and payment plans, please call headquarters at (212) 297-2133 or email

Please note that we prorate our membership dues. Click HERE to view our dues structure.