Programming CommitteeConsider Taking an Active Role in New York Women in Communications!

To make the most of your membership, get involved: Volunteer to serve on a committee. NYWICI plans some great activities and events throughout the year and welcomes your involvement to make each program successful. If you have expertise in any of the categories listed below, if you want to learn the skills in any of them or if you simply want to meet new people, then sign up now. You are an important part of a wonderful, professional, vibrant organization.

Contact us at if you are interested in learning more about a committee or if you'd like to join.

Professional Programming

The Professional Programming Committee develops and produces relevant and engaging events for NY Women in Communications members and prospective members throughout each season. Our event programming is designed to educate, empower and connect women from all communications disciplines. Programming events provide both guidance on career development for women at all stages of their professional development and exposure to industry trends designed to keep women informed on the ever-evolving media and marketing landscape. The activities of the Professional Programming Committee are an integral part of the organization and a major touch point for members and potential members. Click here for the Professional Programming Platform document. 

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Owens and Robyn Hatcher
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Sponsorship Committee

Members of the Sponsorship Committee seek new sponsors and ensure current sponsors' satisfaction. The committee develops sponsorship and marketing programs for programming and student events. These enhance opportunities for companies and supporters to promote their services.

Co-Chairs: Laura Sequenzia and Piper Goodspeed
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Young Professionals Programming

The Young Professionals Committee is here for that in-between phase between college and feeling like you have it all figured out (does anyone *ever* have it all figured out, though?). Aimed at members in their first five years after graduating, this committee connects you with other women in the same boat -- and prepares you with career essentials like how to ask for a raise, negotiate benefits and know your worth. The Young Professionals committee plans and executes several networking events, panels and happy hours throughout the year, including the successful "New Year, New You"; organizes a book club for committee members; and sends out regular emails with awesome job opportunities.

Chair: Megan Hess
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Student Affairs Programming

The Student Affairs Committee focuses on helping the next generation of communications professionals navigate their paths to success. The committee provides programming for undergraduate and graduate students that aims to help them thrive in today's rapidly changing landscape of communications. The committee's key event is the annual Student Career Conference. Held every November, industry leaders in media, advertising, public relations, non-profits, magazines and more come together at the conference to share their wisdom with students through panels and workshops. Additional events include behind-the-scenes tours of popular companies and brands, and workshops that teach students how to network, interview and more.

Co-Chairs: Danielle Dardashti and Hilarey Wojtowicz
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High School Outreach Programming

The High School Outreach Programming Committee creates relationships with high schools and youth organizations throughout the NY region to increase awareness about scholarship, educational and professional development opportunities for students, in particular economically underserved students, interested in pursuing communications degrees.

Co-Chair: Lori Greene

Scholarship Fundraising via CharityBuzz Committee

NYWICI supports a robust scholarship program for college students and grants for members to enhance and advance their careers. One of our most effective fundraising efforts is through the CharityBuzz online auction of “extraordinary experiences and luxuries". The NYWICI CharityBuzz Auction kicks off with the Matrix Awards, but continues throughout the year, working with members and supporters of NYWICI to offer one-of-a-kind experiences, extraordinary internships, etc., to CharityBuzz bidders worldwide. Our partnership with CharityBuzz has raised in excess of $500K, and all the money goes directly towards our scholarship program––to benefit women at every stage of their communication careers!

Chair: Francine Ryan

Scholarships and Awards Committee

The New York Women in Communications Scholarships & Awards Committee has two main functions: creating Member Empowerment Grant (MEG) awareness among NYWICI members and provide funds to long-standing members (minimum of three consecutive years of membership) who seek professional development; and managing the process of awarding annual scholarships.

Co-Chairs: Janet Dugo and Brittany Hennessy
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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee increases awareness and indirectly support NYWICI amongst both members and non-members though both traditional and social media channels.

Co-Chairs: Rachel Bowie and Georgia Galanoudis
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