Success Stories — Class of 2015

The New York Women in Communications' annual Member Empowerment Grant (MEG) is for longstanding NYWICI members who want to pursue professional development opportunities. Awards are granted each Spring and Fall for continuing education courses, conference attendance, career coaching and more. 

Learn more about the New York Women in Communications Member Empowerment Grant and apply in the Spring 2016.

2015 Fall Recipients:

Jacqueline Dolly
Cheryl Fleisher

Jacqueline DollyJacqueline Dolly has spent the last 10 years as the senior director of Marketing and Communications at Junior Achievement of New York, Inc. She was inspired by her work on the NYWICI High School Outreach Committee, helping young girls pursue their dream careers. In order to make the transition from a career in the non-profit sector to the for-profit arena, Jacqueline will be using her MEG to supplement the cost of attending General Assembly’s Product Management and Digital Marketing courses.


Cheryl FleisherCheryl Fleisher is a copywriter and marketer at “consider yourself BRANDED,” a full-service brand/marketing studio. Looking forward to the next phase of her career, Cheryl discovered that fundraising was an area of interest for her. Cheryl is looking to reframe the skills she’s honed over the years as a newspaper promotion executive, communications professor, freelance copywriter and adult education marketer to become a non-profit grant writer and fundraising strategist. She will use her MEG to help finance a curriculum she developed herself, comprised of both free and paid courses at The Foundation Center, Philanthropy University and New York University.  


2015 Spring Recipients:

Megan Hess
Bridget Thoreson

Megan HessMegan Hess, an Associate Editor at Mashable, who formerly was a Digital Editor at Parent & Child Magazine. Megan recognizes that these days, code literacy is as vital as reading and speaking English. That’s why she is wisely using her MEG to take a 10-week Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly. The basic and advanced HTML/CSS and JavaScript skills she will acquire will help her translate ideas into functioning websites, allow her to communicate more effectively with Mashable’s Chief Technology Officer and better prepare her to one day accomplish her long-term goal: starting her own media company.

Bridget ThoresonBridget Thoreson will be using her MEG to pursue a more traditional Professional Certification in Editing at NYU. An acquisitions editor at the Institution of Engineering & Technology, Bridget has worked in STEM publishing ever since graduating college. She is also a freelance editor and writer and has created her own digital publication geared toward young professional women. A completed certificate will give Bridget the skills and credential she needs to grow her career and further develop her digital publication and website.