Zipcar Discount Program


Zipcar is providing New York Women in Communications members with discounted Zipcar rates.

Use a Zipcar for business trips or personal errands anytime you like, 24/7. In the New York City metro area, Zipcar has over 2,000 vehicles and 500 locations where you can rent a car, and it also operates in dozens of other cities in North America.

Go to to locate the vehicles nearest to you.

Special Deal for Members:

  • Application Fee Waived (a $25 value)
  • ½ Price Annual Memberships Only $35
  • Current Discounted Weekday Rates:*
  • Discounted Hourly Rate: $10.75/hr*
  • Business Day Rate (7am-7pm): $71
  • 24-Hour Day Rate: $81
  • Zipvan Daily Rate: $134*

All rates include gas, insurance and 180 miles/day ($0.45/mile thereafter). These special rates cover all vehicles except BMWs and convertibles. Weekend rates vary, depending on metro area and length of reservation.

To Sign Up:

Visit to start the process. After you’re approved, your personalized Zipcard will arrive at your billing address in 5-7 days. Alternatively, you can elect to pick-up your Zipcard at our 1265 Broadway office.

How it Works:

Once you’ve received your Zipcard in the mail, simply make a reservation online and use your Zipcard to access the reserved vehicle. Invoices are online and updated after each reservation (click on “my stuff” then “my bill” to view your invoice). Your credit card will be charged after the end of each reservation.

*  Rates as of April 2014. Contact Zipcar for details.