New York Women in Communications Mentoring Program

The NYWICI Mentoring Application is now closed.

Benefits for our NYWICI Members: Individual Mentoring or New Opportunity for Small Group Mentoring.

Wherever we are in our careers, we can all benefit from mentoring experiences. Great relationships can empower great careers at all levels. Wherever you are in your career, mentoring can provide an opportunity to learn and grow, whether you are a mentor or a mentee.

As a Mentor, you can guide a mentee one-on-one. Or ask to mentor a small group of mentees.

As a Mentee, you can ask to work with a mentor one-on-one. Or ask to join a small group of mentees, hosted by a mentor.

NYWICI will review the applications and recommend matches for mentors/mentees/groups. 

We will review applications and recommend matches for mentees, mentors and small mentoring groups. Please note that applying to the program does not guarantee that every mentee will be matched with a mentor. The more members who apply to mentor, the more mentees we can serve. There may be a waiting list. Once the matches have been made, you will receive an email introducing you to your mentor/mentee/group.

We will provide coaching and support to enhance your mentoring relationships. 

Each mentor-mentee match and group will cultivate a relationship from Fall 2018 to May 31, 2019. 

Communicate your progress as a mentor/mentee/small group.

You will be asked to follow up with us on the progress of your mentor/mentee collaborative relationship. We are here to support you throughout your mentoring experience. There will be announcements about mentoring events and related information throughout the year. Stay tuned.

Your turn: Start your mentoring experience now!                                               

Guidelines – For Mentors | For Mentees

Program Agreements – For Mentors | For Mentees

For more information contact:

New York Women in Communications

*Please note that due to program limitations, not all mentee applicants are guaranteed a match.


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