7Sisters LIVE at Pace

7Sisters LIVE@Pace

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about women’s issues, gender equality, and female empowerment, but has anybody really been listening? Or doing anything about it?

The 7Sisters project is proud to be partnering with Pace University’s Women’s Leadership Institute on October 15, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. to host 7Sisters LIVE@Pace at the Pace Student Union.

On the set of 7Sisters LIVE@Pace it’ll be all ears (and cameras). Finally, women like you will have a live forum to share thoughts, opinions, and experiences—AND BE HEARD—in a groundbreaking, live media event. If you are a Pace student, you can register here.

Women + Media = Power
Fast paced and unscripted, like social media but in person, 7Sisters LIVE Summits are a new, edgy talk-show-style conference for college-age girls. Combining a talk show setup with real-life experiences of the audience, each four-hour Summit features rotating panels of 5 girls sharing their stories in front of the audience, while female student filmmakers capture the excitement for online streaming and sharing.

Join the Conversation. Be Heard.
Share your feelings on what matters to you-from partying to peer pressure, body image to bullying, and fashion to food, we invite female students to share their thoughts on everything from the role of women in society, to how to shatter the glass ceiling to why the November elections matter.

Check out 7Sisters. We’re using the power of the collective to transform the narrative on what matters to girls.