A conversation with Claudia Chan, Founder of SHE Summit

A conversation with Claudia Chan, Founder of SHE Summit

What is SHE Globl Media?

S.H.E. Globl Media is a purposeful womens media and education company that empowers women to lead their optimal personal and professional lives so they can become change agents in their own lives and the world. The name stands for she helps empower the globe, driven by our belief that the world needs women to lead, alongside men, in private and public sectors and civil society more than ever in history. Through 3 key initiatives that CELEBRATE (content), CONVENE (conferences) & CULTIVATE (curriculum) WOMEN, we expose women to healthy practices, diverse female role models, confidence building stories and tools for growthwhile strengthening their consciousness of elevating other women.

What is SHE Summit?

S.H.E. Summits mission is to be the worlds most accessible womens empowerment conferenceexposing todays leading role models, empowerment stories and strategies, womencampaigns and supportive community to a global female audience who have the power to ripple affect change in their own lives, and for the betterment of other women and the world.  In its 4th year, THE global womens leadership and lifestyle event is back with the most powerful roster of speakers, programming, attendees and partners yet. This is an unforgettable, onceayear experience designed to: Propel your next phase of personal and professional success; Shift you into your MOST EMPOWERED state of self; Realign you with authentic goals and values; add significant relationships to your network; and provide a supportive community for your goals! Are you a student passionate about womens issues? Part of a womens group focused on advancement? Leading a womens initiative inside a corporation? Running a business focused on improving womens lives in some way? Or just a passionate advocate of women with a strong network? SHE Summit is your global event and microphone to plug your mission and movement into!

What inspired you to create the global womens event, SHE Summit, through SHE Globl Media?

I have been immersed in the community of women my whole life (from all girl schools, to a having fearless entrepreneurial mom, to corunning a girlfriend entertainment company called Sheckys for 9 years. But in 2010 at age 35, I opened my eyes to the state of women and stepped into a new consciousness of what it means to be a woman in todays world. These issues became personal to me; I realized my responsibility to leverage my life and Godgiven gifts to improve this reality and convene other women to do so too. Channeling my Smith College days, the feminist in me reawakened and I started consuming every event, nonprofit, article and book I could find centered around the words womens empowerment, leadership, power, and potential. I met an army of incredible women starting, innovating, empowering, leading, disrupting and often juggling multiple jobs while driving positive change for a cause.  It hit me, these female role models (executives, entrepreneurs, social change makers, mothers, innovators) were vastly underrepresented in mainstream TV shows, magazines and websites that todays women and young girls consume. Media is a persuasive form of education and creator of consciousness, and since most programming covets the beautiful, thin and young. I am convinced it directly affects how our female generation perceives its personal self worth and potential.  So I decided to ditch security and devote all my being to creating S.H.E. Globl Media to be a purposeful womens media and education company. The name stands for she helps empower the globe. I believe that if I feed women with enough content, conferences and curriculum role models, tools for growth, advice and mentorship they will become more successful at integrating their personal and professional lives, and therefore CHANGE THE WORLD! Watch my TEDx Talk on the #SHERevolution to understand me better, hear my perspective of the womens revolution happening now, why I need your support and how we can work together .

What makes SHE Summit different from other conferences?

SHE Summit is the global transformational event for women. It provides one, uniting platform for them all to reach us and changing the conversation from "having it all" to truly finding selffulfillment.  Think of it like The Big Top for womens empowerment; we cover leadership, global women's economic empowerment, selfcare, health and wellness, motherhood, and destroying the term 'having it all' and replacing it with vocabulary around fulfillment and integration. It's so exciting because this is the biggest the SHE Summit has ever been, with a huge diversity of topics and people all coming together for one purpose: to elevate women. The revolution is here.  We live in an unprecedented time. We collaborate in order to accelerate womens empowerment.

What keeps you motivated to do what you do?

I dreamed of building a financially successful brand that would make empowerment accessible and impactful for women globally. The most powerful motivator was when I finished my last SHE Summit in June of 2014. I learned that women in over 100 countries watched the livestream and we reached over 250 million impressions on social media.  That brought a variety of emotions. Beyond the sheer joy and happiness high that immediately comes from the milestone, I have also felt vulnerable and scared. What would happen next?I have a sense of beginning and birthing something new, which is really exciting. I have stretched the potential of what I believe I can make possible.

What is the one piece of advice you would like all women to know?

We can only become what we believe. Your greatest power is to KEEP BELIEVING in your dreams and that you have what it takes.

Tell us how to engage with SHE Summit:

If you can get to New York City, join us in person for SHE Summit. Buy tickets now with a 20% discount code using the word EMPOWERMENT.  To participate remotely, visit SHESummit.com and apply to host the live stream!