New York Women in Communications Student Career Bootcamp: Your Roadmap for a Transforming Industry

Each year, New York Women in Communications hosts a Student Career Bootcamp that draws ‎more than 200 students and young professionals together. This event features a variety of ‎panel topics related to women who are navigating the communications industry during a ‎transformative time. ‎

The 2021 Student Career Bootcamp will take place virtually on Thursday, September 9, from 4-‎‎6:15 p.m. and will feature industry leaders in panel discussions on emerging trends in media, ‎interview best practices, personal branding and much more.‎

From the events of 2020, this event will offer a virtual experience with valuable tips for ‎students in how to navigate the next normal and post-pandemic life. The purpose is to help ‎women in the media and communications industry as they start their careers, giving them a ‎preview into different types of careers and other tangible career advice.‎

The pandemic is also making this generation reconsider their career goals. College Finance ‎reports 66% of Gen Z feel their planned career paths are less stable than before the ‎pandemic—30.6% plan to change their career path, while 20.7% are still on the fence. Stability ‎and job opportunities are likely to outweigh passion for their fields.‎

Generations shape the workplace, culture and how marketers can reach them as consumers. ‎Generation-Z is no different in those ways than the generations before them. What makes Gen-‎Z unique is their desire for creativity, cutting-edge technology and being able to share the ‎experiences they make online. ‎




4:00PM – 4:15PM: Welcome


5:15PM – 5:45PM: Session Panels

Breakout Session 1: Networking in the New Normal 

“It’s not what you know, but who you know,” as the saying goes. But when it seems like the entire world is working remotely, how do you meet new contacts or find a mentor to guide you as you enter the workplace? Attend our panel to find out!

Breakout Session 2: Intergenerational Communications in the Workplace

“They’re so entitled.” “He’s out of touch.” Stereotypes abound among the various generations in the workplace. Baby boomers came of age at a very different time than those just starting their careers. And where do Gen X’ers fit in? Learn how other generations may interpret your approach to work in this fascinating panel.

Breakout Session 3: Posts with Purpose (cancel culture, activism)

Social media can do a lot of good (think: ice bucket challenge raising millions for charity or that tip on LinkedIn that led to an internship). But it can also “cancel” people’s jobs, like when a candidate to become editor in chief of Teen Vogue lost the job due to anti-Asian tweets from years earlier. How can you avoid the same fate, and use social media for good, building your profile and that of your company? Our panel opines on all things social.

5:45PM – 6:15PM: Networking

6:15PM – 6:30PM: Closing Panel

What: NYWICI Student Career Bootcamp
When: Thursday, September 9, 4-6:15pm ET
Where: Virtual
Price: $25 for members and non-members

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