President’s Memo: International Women’s Day 2021

Ashley MilesAs we celebrate International Women’s Day in this historic year, I’m absolutely honored to be celebrating my board colleagues at New York Women in Communications, our passionate members and women all across our industry. As we embark on continuing the collective empowerment of women throughout Women’s History Month and the rest of the year, I’m excited now more than ever for what the future holds.

To those who made the launch of #WOMENHEARD a true success, thank you. It’s deeply encouraging to see what we have been able to achieve together. It’s only the beginning of this powerful movement.

International Women's Day#WOMENHEARD is an important investment for NYWICI. With collaboration of our partners across the entire industry and those in our network, we are taking immediate action by shining a spotlight on these alarming statistics of women departing the workforce in the age of Covid-19 and conducting robust research which will inform year-long programming, tools and resources for leaders to retain existing employees while bringing back better.

This is the commencement of #WOMENHEARD, an initiative that will be sustainable for many years to come. With that in mind, I’m now calling on the support of you, NYWICI proud members, supporters and those in our network, to help spread the word to further drive and amplify #WOMENHEARD and the incredible initiatives the team at New York Women in Communications are accelerating forward. I encourage you to share this with your colleagues, friends and connections.

Below, you’ll find sample social posts to share that you can edit and personalize, and here is a link to learn more about the #WOMENHEARD initiative.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Helen Shelton, our Chief Communications Officer.

Thank you,

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Ashley Miles
New York Women in Communications, Inc.
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As a proud member of @NYWICI, join me as we continue with our commencement of @NYWICI’s #WOMENHEARD, a year-long initiative to research and reverse the trend of women leaving the labor force due to Covid-19. Read more:

Since the communications industry serves consumers nationwide as well as their own employees, this research will serve as a valuable resource to understand the “why” behind the mass exodus of women in the workforce over the past year. #WOMENHEARD

Through the #WOMENHEARD platform, @NYWICI will conduct a robust national research study to deep-dive into both the communications industry and women across the country to identify how Covid-19 is affecting women, especially women of color. Read more. #WomensHistoryMonth

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