NYWICI Inclusivity Statement NYWICI is committed to empowering women in the field of communications, including journalism, broadcasting, corporate communications, digital, publishing, advertising, integrated marketing, photography, public relations, creative and design and more.

By nurturing women’s potential, fostering growth, leadership, and valuable connections, we envision a world in which all women’s voices are heard, and felt and amplified throughout the industry.

We believe that varied voices are necessary for the well being of our community and for the communications industry we support, making diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging essential to our mission. In this spirit, NYWICI welcomes all –regardless of race, age, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status and including all gender identities and expressions–who share our vision and wish to contribute to our mission.

Note: changes to Mission and Values may need to be considered. That work is ongoing.

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