Are you new to NYWICI? Are you a long-time member? NYWICI owes its success to our fantastic volunteers who participate in our committees. If you’re not already on a committee, make the most of your NYWICI membership and join one today. No matter your career level or area of experience, there is a committee for everyone within New York Women in Communications!

Being involved in a committee is a great way to make connections. These connections can lead to a number of opportunities: You’ll meet new friends, discover new career possibilities and to learn about the ever-changing communications’ industry.

Did we mention that joining a committee is a great resumé builder?

Whether you’re a writer, a publicist, into branding or marketing, whether you are a student or a seasoned professional, there is always an opportunity to learn from and share your expertise with your fellow committee members. There couldn’t be a more fun way to network and get involved in your industry.

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Membership Committee:

If you’re passionate about NYWICI and are excited to introduce people to the organization, then the Membership Committee would be a great fit for you. Committee members are responsible for recruiting new members and acting as ambassadors who help new and potential members find their place at NYWICI. The Membership Committee also reviews the entire membership experience as well as providing additional member benefits for both individual and corporate members. This committee is chaired by the Co-Vice Presidents, Membership.

Programming Committees:

The Programming Committee develops and produces relevant and engaging events and programs for NYWICI members and prospective members throughout the year. NYWICI’s programming is designed to educate, empower, and connect women from all communications disciplines. NYWICI programming provides both guidance on career development for women at all stages of their professional development and exposure to industry trends designed to keep women informed on the ever-evolving media and marketing landscape. The activities of the Programming Committee are an integral part of the organization and a major touch point for members and potential members. This committee reports to the Chief Programming Officer and has four subcommittees: Professional Programming, Executive Programming, Student Programming, and WomenHeard podcast.

    • Professional Programming Committee:

Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of professional development programs for mid-career level members, on topics relating to the communications industry from leadership to career planning. The committee strives to fashion events that speak to the many types of communicators the organization serves, from women in public relations and fund raising to media and advertising. This committee is chaired by the Co-Vice Presidents, Professional Programming.

    • Executive Programming Committee:

Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of programs relevant to senior industry leaders and senior-level members including Matrix alum; provide meetings and networking opportunities for this audience; nurture and maintain key relationships with lifetime and honorary members to drive the organization’s position as a premiere thought leader in the communications space. This committee is chaired by the Co-Vice Presidents, Executive Programming.

    • Student Programming Committee:

Focuses on helping the next generation of communications professionals navigate their paths to success. The committee provides programming for undergraduate, graduate students, and rising professionals that aims to help them thrive in today’s rapidly changing landscape of communications. Events held in the past include behind-the-scenes tours of popular companies and brands, and workshops that teach students how to network, interview and more. This committee works in partnership with the Scholarship Committee to build and nurture relationships with appropriate colleges and universities. They monitor student member interests and needs, including producing student focused events. This committee is chaired by the Co-Vice Presidents, Student Programming.

    • WomenHeard Podcast Committee:

Focuses on NYWICI’s career-oriented podcast featuring candid conversations with women in communications. Each podcast includes chats with successful, passionate guests about topics that are top of mind for working women: career advancement, equality in the workplace, compensation, and more. Guests also share their advice on universal career topics, such as mastering the job interview and time management. The goal of WomenHeard is to create a comfortable space to have the conversations that will help women succeed. This committee is chaired by host and career expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich.

Corporate Partnerships Committee:

Members of the Corporate Partnerships Committee seek new sponsors and ensure current sponsors’ satisfaction. The committee develops sponsorship and marketing programs that enable NYWICI’s corporate partners to receive the maximum benefit for their sponsorship and enhanced opportunities to promote their services across membership, events, programs, and Matrix. This committee is chaired by the Chief Partnership Officer.

Scholarships & Awards Committee:

The NYWICI Scholarship Committee focuses on one of the main objectives of NYWICI, the scholarship program. Committee members conduct high school/college outreach and engage with volunteers within those institutions to promote the program. They work with donors to establish key requirements (i.e. major, ethnic background, year in school, etc.) for each sponsored scholarship. Committee members review the scholarship application, review application submissions, conduct video and in-person interviews of candidates. The Scholarship Committee engages with Scholarship recipients to be ambassadors of NYWICI and finds opportunities, working with other Committees, to tell their stories throughout the NYWICI ecosystem. This committee is chaired by the Co-Vice Presidents of Scholarships and Grants.

Communications Committee:

The NYWICI Communications Committee works in partnership with other committees and executional teams to drive awareness and engagement among members and non-members, ensuring the promotion of NYWICI events, resources, and member benefits. The Communications Committee is responsible for monitoring the website, emails, social media and working with the board and staff to represent the mission and the values of the organization. In addition, they are responsible for shaping the organization’s external and internal communications strategy and content strategy. This committee is chaired by the Chief Communications Officer.

If you would like to join a committee or have any questions, please email us at



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