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Welcome to WomenHeard, presented by New York Women in Communications: a career-oriented podcast featuring candid conversations with women in communications. Host & career expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich chats with successful, passionate guests about topics that are top of mind for working women: career advancement, equality in the workplace, compensation, & more! Guests also share their advice on universal career topics, such as mastering the job interview & time management. The goal of WomenHeard is to create a comfortable space to have the conversations that will help women succeed.

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Episode 73

54th Annual Matrix Awards: Red Carpet Recap

Episode 73 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 73 on Spotify

The Matrix Awards by NYWICI serves as our opportunity to recognize exceptional leaders in the communications industry. This year’s theme is Rule Breakers! The 2024 honorees don’t just accept the status quo, they are carving their own paths forward and rewriting the rules to success. Listen to this episode to hear directly from some of our honorees, host, scholarship recipients, and attendees! 

Sarah Ng, senior journalism major at Hofstra University and three-time NYWICI Scholarship recipient, took to the red carpet on May 21 and interviewed Matrix Awards honoree Rakia Reynolds, Founder and Executive Officer of Skai Blue Media; Matrix Awards host, Peloton instructor and TODAY Show contributor Ally Love; President and CEO of GLAAD Sarah Kate Ellis; NYWICI President-elect Brandi Boatner; and a few of our 2024 NYWICI Scholarship recipients. 

Episode 72

Tess Quinlan, Content Planning Lead, NBA

Episode 72 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 72 on Spotify

“Always learn the ‘other thing’ – it doesn’t hurt to have an extra skill set.” In this interview, WomenHeard host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich speaks with Tess Quinlan, a NYWICI Scholarship Winner, Content Planning Lead for the NBA, and MBA graduate. Tess began her career in broadcast communications at Marquette University and an internship at Yahoo Sports. Learning a little bit about every sport was key to growth in her roles – she covered college basketball and football for USA Today, as well as tackled podcasts and editorial partnerships at NBC.

At the NBA, Tess works on DTC (direct to consumer) – everything from leading content production for the app to working with Peloton as a launch partner to covering the Olympics. Listen to this episode to learn what it’s like to work in sports communications, gain actionable advice on how to find a mentor, and advocate for yourself throughout your career path.

Episode 71

Cate Luzio, Founder & CEO, Luminary

Episode 71 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 71 on Spotify

“Get comfortable talking about yourself… it’s not bragging if it’s based on facts.” Cate Luzio spent two decades in financial services, most recently as the Global Head of Multinational Corporate Banking for HSBC, before she made a sharp career pivot. In 2018, she launched and self-funded Luminary, a global, membership-based professional education and networking platform offering resources, programming, and community to propel women to the top of their industries.

Cate speaks with host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich about why accomplishments don’t just speak for themselves and the untapped potential of transforming networking into the practice of relationship-building. Listen to this episode for what gave her the motivation to create Luminary, the power of an “exploratory conversation”, as well as key pieces of advice for entrepreneurs and women who want to check off their next achievement.  

Episode 70

Changemakers: Kristi VandenBosch, President, OLIVER Agency

Episode 70 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 70 on Spotify

“You may lose a job you love, you may have someone betray you… this will not define you.” In this episode, WomenHeard: Changemakers host Georgia Galanoudis speaks with Kristi VandenBosch, President at OLIVER Agency. Formerly the CEO of Publicis, Chief Digital Officer of MXM (now Accenture Song) and Senior Vice President at Revlon, Kristi’s leadership in communications has given her a wealth of expertise – not just in industry knowledge but in cultivating her values.

After speaking at a conference, she was offered a beer and a job – and this began her new journey at OLIVER agency. Holding emotional space for clients is one of her superpowers – establishing quality connections no matter how far up the ladder you may be. Listen to this episode for inspiring details on moving business goals forward and embracing “change moments”.

Please note that this episode includes explicit language and themes.

Episode 69

Phoebe Gavin, Career and Leadership Coach, Better with Phoebe

Episode 69 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 69 on Spotify

“Pull others up with you as you climb.” If you’re seeking a new role, striving for better pay, or preparing yourself for layoffs affecting the communications, media and tech industries, this episode will give you clarity on resilience in all types of career transitions. With an effective coaching style that’s been highlighted in TIME, Fortune, and Fast Company (to name a few!), Phoebe Gavin works with clients to customize growth plans and leverage tactics to navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing labor market.

She speaks with #WomenHeard host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich about being more intentional with your choices, differentiating between your brand and brand assets, as well as asking the foundational question, “Does this meet my needs?” Listen to this episode for details on how to grow your knowledge of AI tools (and why that’s relevant to your career!). Plus, learn what it takes to succeed in a competitive job market, how to maintain marketability, and give yourself “grace and space” to climb learning curves. 

Episode 68

Laura Brusca, Chief Communications Officer, Forbes & President, NYWICI

Episode 68 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 68 on Spotify

“Don’t ask for permission” may be your next confidence builder after listening to this episode! WomenHeard host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich interviewed New York Women in Communications’ new President, Laura Brusca. Laura started her career at a NYC agency, Ruder Finn, where she found creative outlets by raising her hand for new initiatives. From working on a program for life-saving malaria medicine to sustainability at H&M, she took her six years of experience and went in-house at Forbes.

Laura recently celebrated a decade at the global media company – collaborating with stakeholders across teams, including working on the infamous “30 under 30” list of entrepreneurs and leaders in a diverse variety of sectors. She was recently promoted to Chief Communications Officer at Forbes and became NYWICI President within the same few months! Listen to this episode for details on how to strategically advance at your company, as well as get the inside track on her vision for NYWICI in the year ahead.

Episode 67

Changemakers: Donna Speciale, President of U.S. Advertising, Sales and Marketing, TelevisaUnivison 

Episode 67 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 67 on Spotify

“In order to reach and engage our audience, [marketers] need to invest in culture and in language.” In this episode, WomenHeard: Changemakers host Georgia Galanoudis speaks with Donna Speciale, a 2023 Matrix Award Winner and President of U.S. Advertising, Sales and Marketing at TelevisaUnivison. Through leading a major division at the world’s largest Spanish language media company, Donna has provided a wealth of resources for the marketing industry and beyond, breaking stereotypes on what a target audience “should” look like. Bringing in over 200 new clients in the past 3 years, Donna says that working for a media company that prioritizes education and the power of growth potential has been one of her most exciting opportunities in the industry. Listen to this episode for details on how “zigging and zagging” has been a powerful asset in her career toolbox.

Episode 66

Changemakers: Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, GE 

Episode 66 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 66 on Spotify

“Storytelling means sticking with what you want people to feel, not just know.” In this episode, WomenHeard: Changemakers host Georgia Galanoudis speaks with Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer at GE and a 2016 NYWICI Matrix Honoree. Linda is accountable for a diverse portfolio of global marketing, advertising, brand, content, digital, sponsorships, as well as corporate communications, crisis communications, media relations, public affairs, and financial communication.

A member of the Forbes CMO Hall of Fame, Linda’s leadership style is one that brings humanity into the workplace – particularly with her perspective of “presuming good intent” in times of conflict as well as times of prosperity. Hear how she managed intentional prioritization with family (she was one of the first female soccer coaches in her town for her daughter’s team!) and get tips on kaizen, a Japanese practice that advocates for continuous improvement.

Episode 65

Changemakers: Christine Elliott, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Moody’s Corporation 

Episode 65 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 65 on Spotify

“You’re never at a standstill in terms of your growth.” In this episode, WomenHeard: Changemakers host Georgia Galanoudis speaks with Christine Elliott, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Moody’s Corporation and a 2023 NYWICI Matrix Award Winner. Christine’s 25-year career in communications started with ABC News and she continued a fast-paced trajectory through American Express and Moody’s. Currently, Christine works with policymakers, government officials and the media to deepen understanding of Moody’s unique value proposition as a global integrated risk assessment firm addressing corporate, financial, and economic challenges. She also oversees sustainability strategy, optimizing operations for the company.

One of the biggest parts of Christine’s leadership journey has been having the courage for candor, which allows for vulnerability. Flexing this skillset has supported Christine at Moody’s as well as with her two teenage daughters! Listen to this episode for how she takes her cues from “lady lions” and how she found the freedom to be her authentic self.

Episode 64

NYWICI Panel: Roadmap for Change

Episode 64 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 64 on Spotify

In partnership with NYWICI and Kaplow, Roadmap for Change is a communications mentorship program aimed at increasing opportunities for members of historically excluded groups. Pairing with another colleague in the early-career stage, Roadmap for Change provides access and exposure to develop professional goals, while also diversifying the pipeline of entry-level talent in the communications sector.

WomenHeard host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich interviewed Maria Ungaro (Vice President, Member Engagement at Licensing International + VP, Scholarships & Grants, NYWICI), Liz Kaplow (2016 Matrix Honoree + Founder and CEO, Kaplow Communications + Past President, NYWICI) and Brianna Boone (Senior, Temple University + 2022/2023 NYWICI and Kaplow Scholarship recipient whose apprenticeship marked Roadmap for Change’s first iteration). Listen to this episode for details on how NYWICI is investing in the futures of communications professionals with the Scholarship Program (honoring over 400 women!), the advantages of peer mentorship, and what questions to ask when you start a new role or internship. For more information, check out these resources: Roadmap for Change (applications open in mid-November!) and Scholarships.

Episode 63

Changemakers: Mindy Henderson, Editor-in-Chief, Quest Media (Muscular Dystrophy Association)

Episode 63 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 63 on Spotify

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, celebrating a powerful community that advocates for everything from remote work to accessible travel to more positive representation in the media. In this episode, WomenHeard: Changemakers host Georgia Galanoudis talks with Mindy Henderson, Editor-in-Chief of Quest Media. This adaptive lifestyle platform for the Muscular Dystrophy Association supports over a million Americans with tools and resources to help them live their most independent lives.

An ambassador at the age of 4 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Mindy said she took the disability that could have been negative in her life and turned it into a 20-year career in tech, along with marriage, children and intentionality. However, for the majority of her career, Mindy was often the only person in a wheelchair she saw and she felt exhausted not being able to show up as her authentic self. After a layoff that turned out to be the “best thing that happened for [her] career”, Mindy pivoted into motivational speaking, writing a book and engaging in other professional paths that advocate for DEI and the inclusion of a diverse workforce. Listen for details on why accommodations are “success enablers” for disabled employees; plus, how we can continue to support and celebrate resiliency in the disability community.

Episode 62

Cathy McPhillips, Chief Growth Officer, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute 

Episode 62 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 62 on Spotify

It’s the topic we all have questions about – how will AI change how we work? Host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich sits down with Cathy McPhillips to discuss how AI can power marketing – making it more approachable and accessible. Listen to this episode for details on how AI can revolutionize communication and examples of how we probably already use it in our day-to-day. If you feel overwhelmed about AI, Cathy suggests starting by asking yourself about a consistent task that’s on your plate. “Is it repetitive? Is it data-driven? Is it trying to make a prediction? If it’s one, two or three of those things, you probably have a use case for AI,” she says. Plus, hear how Cathy made the valuable case for her title as Chief Growth Officer.

Episode 61

Changemakers: Nancy Weber, Former NYWICI President & EVP, Marketing and Integrated Communication at Dotdash Meredith

Episode 61 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 61 on Spotify

In the first Changemakers episode, NYWICI President Georgia Galanoudis interviewed Nancy Weber, former NYWICI President. After an illustrious career in marketing, including almost two decades at Dotdash Meredith, Nancy retired in July 2023. Listen to this episode for tips on pivoting in periods of immense change.  How do we create a way of working that’s more integrated with our personal lives? What does it take to be an empathetic leader? Nancy shares lessons learned and her advice for the next generation of communication professionals.

Episode 60

Hitting the “Relaunch Button”: NYWICI’s Mentorship Program with Georgia Galanoudis, Linda Descano and Melissa Weisstuch

Episode 60 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 60 on Spotify

NYWICI is excited to announce its relaunching the Mentorship Program! It’s never too late to learn how to advocate for yourself, especially in a professional environment that’s rapidly changing. In this panel, you’ll hear from: Georgia Galanoudis, NYWICI President; Melissa Weisstuch, Co-Chair of the NYWICI Mentorship Program; and Linda Descano, NYWICI Treasurer. Listen to this episode to hear all about the benefits of being a mentor and mentee, and how mentorship can both help you develop your “True North” and refine strategies with a supportive sounding board.

Plus, hear about the value of “peer-to-peer” and “1-to-2 or 1-to-a-few” mentorship. The NYWICI Mentorship Program will kick off on National Mentoring Day (October 27) and pairings will be announced around International Mentoring Day (January 17). For more information and details on how to apply, visit ⁠nywici.org⁠.

Episode 59

Introducing WomenHeard: Changemakers with Georgia Galanoudis, NYWICI President

Episode 59 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 59 on Spotify

The new WomenHeard: Changemakers podcast series is all about inspiring conversations with industry groundbreakers, including Matrix winners and past NYWICI presidents. Hosted by Georgia Galanoudis, the current NYWICI President, these interviews uncover personal and professional stories of inspiration and resilience. Through this series, we’ll learn the motivations that have propelled these Changemakers to use their platforms to open doors, elevate diverse voices, and ensure a more equitable future for all. In this first episode, WomenHeard host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich speaks with Georgia about this exciting new series and introduces our audience to the host of these compelling new interviews. In addition to meeting Georgia, listen for their thoughts on leading with empathy, sustainable growth, and realizing we’re not alone in our ambitions.

Episode 58

Lesley Jane Seymour, CEO, CoveyClub.com

Episode 58 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 58 on Spotify

A former Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Lesley Jane Seymour has run the gamut of fabulous magazine editorial jobs at Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, YM, Redbook, and More. After the latter publication folded, over 600 loyal readers asked Lesley to create something new. This birthed CoveyClub.com, a community giving women confidence in the midst of difficult life transitions. What would it mean to have a “reinvention plan” in your back pocket? Listen to this episode for tips on developing an open mindset and an actionable strategy for personal growth – it might just help you leap into your next exciting endeavor.

Episode 57

Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO, Ogilvy

Episode 57 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 57 on Spotify

If you’ve felt like you need to protect your energy lately, this is the episode to queue up next! Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO at Ogilvy and a 2022 NYWICI Matrix Award Honoree, talks about how to be a “radiator” of energy while protecting time to replenish yourself. In this conversation, she shares how she fell in love with the advertising industry and why she took another job to start a “new chapter”. As the first woman of color to run a global agency network, and the driving force of the “Fearless Girl” statue in front of Wall Street’s “Charging Bull”, Devika has produced work that’s inspired countless conversations. She talks about why “Fearless Girl” is so important to her and how personal stories are told through the work that we do. Plus, her advice on why to open up your own mind before asking others to open theirs.

Episode 56

Ellen Johnson, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Interpublic Group (IPG)

Episode 56 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 56 on Spotify

What does it mean to give yourself permission to show up more authentically? In this episode, Ellen Johnson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at IPG, gives tactical tips for how to become more vocal about your priorities. Bringing her business background to the communications field, she explains how she was part of the team to bring IPG from a “fallen angel” to a “rising star”. Listen to hear what it’s like leading in the C-suite: from diversifying your skill set to understanding the ways a wide variety of challenges can strategically influence your career and brand equity. Plus, how she follows the advice that “if you’re going to put your name on something, make sure you’re proud.”

Episode 55

Cornerstone Conversation: Jamie Heller, Business Editor, ‘Wall Street Journal’ & Annie Minoff, Senior Producer, ‘The Journal.’ Podcast

Episode 55 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 55 on Spotify

Join us for a conversation between two storytelling powerhouses at ‘The Wall Street Journal’. Jamie Heller, Business Editor, and Annie Minoff, Senior Producer, tell us how the pandemic has affected business reporting and give us a behind-the-paywall look at how they source and produce the news. What factors contribute to compelling journalism and the lens of money, business and power? Listen here!

Episode 54

Atoosa Rubenstein, Author, Creator, Founding Editor of CosmoGirl & Former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine

Episode 54 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 54 on Spotify

You won’t want to miss this episode! In this unfiltered and honest conversation, Atoosa Rubenstein shares her origin story leading iconic magazines that helped a generation of women come into their own. She discusses comeback culture and re-entering the conversation, along with how media has changed in her decades of industry experience. Listen to this episode to hear behind-the-scenes information about the business, personal revelations and the importance of manifestation. Plus, hear why creating quality content should be top of mind and why it “isn’t a time for capable managers, it’s a time for pirates.” Please note that this episode includes explicit language and themes.

Episode 53

Melody Lee, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Herman Miller

Episode 53 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 53 on Spotify

From crisis management to in-house agency work to collaborating with iconic brands, Melody Lee has achieved a lot in the communications industry! This episode dives into where Melody got her start and how her career path consistently challenges her to “make herself as uncomfortable as possible”. Listen for details on how she’s navigated career transitions, when being an outsider can be beneficial, and how to pay it forward when it comes to mentorship. Plus, Melody shares her experience being a part of the NYWICI Board of Directors and her recommendations for how to get more involved. This episode was recorded in the fall of 2022.

Episode 52

The 2023 NYWICI Scholarship with Nancy Rabstejnek Nichols, Lauren Hurwitz and Chelsea Orcutt

Episode 52 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 52 on Spotify

Could you be the next NYWICI scholarship winner? NYWICI believes in empowering future generations in communications and wants to support your professional path. Tune into this episode with former scholarship recipients and review committee members, as they share how they got their start, reflect on why you should put yourself in the running, and discuss the exciting opportunities that could open up. Plus, you’ll hear tips for how to make your application stand out! Apply by February 28, 2023 and get more information here.

Episode 51

Robyn Hatcher, Founder & CEO of SpeakEtc.

Episode 51 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 51 on Spotify

Curious how to go from invisible to invaluable at work? In this professional workshop, Robyn Hatcher teaches us how to “own it while we hone it” and take on a more active role in our career development. Step into this strategic coaching session to hear practical tips for how we can differentiate ourselves and get the most success with colleagues who have different communication styles than us. This episode also includes some valuable confidence-building tips!

Episode 50

Tiffany R. Warren, EVP Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Sony Music Group and President & Founder, ADCOLOR

Episode 50 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 50 on Spotify

We’re thrilled to share our conversation with 2022 Matrix winner Tiffany R. Warren! In this episode, Tiffany discussed the 25th anniversary of her corporate career and how taking chances helped contribute to becoming a C-suite executive in her early thirties. We also hear about setbacks and improvements in the DEI space, her motto of “rising up and reaching back”, and continuing her mission to work with and elevate marginalized communities. Plus, Tiffany shares insight on why she stopped calling herself a “role model” and started rebranding as a “real model”.

Episode 49

Stephanie Mehta, CEO and Chief Content Officer, Mansueto Ventures

Episode 49 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 49 on Spotify

We’re thrilled to share our conversation with 2022 Matrix winner Stephanie Mehta! Stephanie spoke about the advice she received that lit a fire under her – “be better than the 10%” – that was the encouragement she needed to distinguish herself professionally. Listen to this episode to hear about her former roles in business journalism (including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Fast Company) and what it’s like being a CEO. Plus, she shares her perspective on what the “next normal” mindset should be in future workplace culture.

Episode 48

Bootcamp Panel: How to Effectively Communicate No Matter the Age Gap

Episode 48 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 48 on Spotify

Did you know that there are five generations in the workplace? Just that fact makes this conversation about intergenerational communications so important! The panel featured in this episode was originally recorded at NYWICI’s 2021 Student Career Bootcamp and features experts discussing how to bridge the communication gaps between generations in the workplace. You’ll hear tons of advice about how to communicate effectively in the workplace as well as anecdotes that are both educational and entertaining.

Episode 47

Hoda Kotb, Co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY & Yamiche Alcindor, Anchor & Moderator of PBS’s Washington Week & NBC News Washington Correspondent

Episode 47 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 47 on Spotify

We had the incredible honor of interviewing two amazing women and 2021 NYWICI Matrix winners: Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY, and Yamiche Alcindor, anchor and moderator of Washington Week on PBS and NBC News Washington correspondent. Both spoke candidly about their career paths, mentors, and the challenges facing women in the workplace. In this episode, Hoda shares advice given to her by Maria Shriver and Yamiche delves into how she’s handled tough situations while covering politics. Listen to hear more about their fascinating career trajectories and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This interview was originally recorded in the fall of 2021.

Episode 46

Marisa Thalberg, Executive Vice President, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Lowe’s

Episode 46 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 46 on Spotify

As Lowe’s executive vice president, chief brand and marketing officer (plus a 2021 Matrix winner!) Marisa Thalberg had a lot to share about her career with the WomenHeard audience. In this episode, Marisa gives advice about career changes (she’s worked for some of the biggest brands, including Estee Lauder and Taco Bell), taking risks, challenges for women in the workplace, and so much more. This episode will also be a particularly meaningful one for current and future working moms, as she shares the origin story for creating the organization Executive Moms.

This interview was originally recorded in the fall of 2021.

Episode 45

Sally Susman, Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Pfizer

Episode 45 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 45 on Spotify

This episode features a candid conversation between Sally Susman, executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer at Pfizer and Dustee Jenkins, president of New York Women in Communications and the global head of communications for Spotify. As part of our new WomenHeard podcast, we’re thrilled to be sharing conversations with incredible women and this one features insightful advice about networking, navigating career changes, and effective leadership. It also includes an exclusive look into what it was like inside Pfizer at the beginning and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic so far.

Episode 44

Ashley Miles, Founder & CEO, Franklyn West & President, New York Women in Communications

Episode 44 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 44 on Spotify

Welcome to Season 4 of our podcast! We have a new name (WomenHeard) and a new look, but we’re still featuring the same thoughtful conversations with inspiring women in the communications industry. In episode 44, we check in with Ashley Miles, president of NYWICI and founder and CEO of Franklyn West, a business growth collective. She talks about NYWICI’s relaunch of the powerful #WomenHeard initiative, what it was like starting her own business, how to network with purpose, the importance of diversity in the workplace, and more. Plus she even has recommendations for your next binge watch!

This podcast was previously called Coffee Break w/NYWICI

Letena LindsayEpisode 43

Letena Lindsay, Vice President, Global Communications, Peloton 

Episode 43 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 43 on Spotify

As the vice president, global communications at Peloton, Letena Lindsay has the unique opportunity to help tell the story of one of the world’s most compelling brands. In this episode, she opens up about her time working in public relations for organizations of all sizes, and shares how her experience running her own business helped prepare her for working from home during the pandemic. Letena told us how she carves out time for “mental wellness moments” and revealed her best actionable tips for supporting friends, colleagues, and ourselves during stressful times. And don’t miss Letena’s advice for unplugging from the workday and creating boundaries. It’s definitely something we can all use right now!

Jackie FieldsEpisode 42

Jackie Fields, Senior Style & Beauty Editor, People Magazine

Episode 42 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 42 on Spotify

Jackie Fields has a dream job. As the senior style and beauty editor at People magazine, she gets to interview celebs, attend big events (such as the launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty), and get the inside scoop on all the latest trends. Naturally, we were thrilled to have her on the podcast! After sharing her passion for ice coffee all year round, Jackie chats about attending fashion school, diversity in the beauty industry, the importance of networking, and more. And you’ll never guess which celebrity interview is her all-time favorite!

Ladies Who Laugh PodcastEpisode 41

Ladies Who Laugh 2020

Episode 41 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 41 on Spotify

Missed our Ladies Who Laugh event? We’ve got you covered. The hilarious annual event may have gone virtual this year, but emcee Nicky Sunshine and comedians Jackie Fabulous, Negin Farsad, and Liz Simons still had us cracking up in our living rooms with jokes about quarantine self-care, growing up in the ’90s, politics, and more. Plus, you’ll “meet” the amazing 2020 NYWICI scholarship winners. So kick back, relax, and enjoy this special mini-episode of the podcast! (A quick heads up: This episode contains some explicit language and themes. It’s all very fun, but you’ve been warned!)

Rachel DryEpisode 40

Rachel Dry, Deputy Politics Editor for Enterprise, The New York Times

Episode 40 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 40 on Spotify

Just in time for the upcoming presidential election, we spoke with Rachel Dry, the Deputy Politics Editor for enterprise at The New York Times. In this fun conversation between two good friends, Rachel talks to Julie about the pandemic’s effect on political engagement, how booking guests for NPR made her a better journalist, and why this election will be decided by women. She also explains what “enterprise” means in a newsroom (so interesting!) — and you won’t want to miss one of the most amazing pieces of career advice that we have heard on this show, which Rachel got from Marty Baron, Executive Editor of The Washington Post. Talking to Rachel was a great way to celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage!

Timi LewisEpisode 39

Timi Lewis, Founder and Principal, Lewis Media Company

Episode 39 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 39 on Spotify

From working at nonprofits to starting her own communications business, Timi Lewis has made a career out of helping others. Now the founder and principal of Lewis Media Company, she’s full of essential advice for entrepreneurs, which she shares in this episode of the podcast. Plus, tune in to hear her talk about working in public policy, her recently ended term serving on the NYWICI board, and figuring out how to play to your strengths.

Johnita DueEpisode 38

Johnita Due, Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, WarnerMedia News and Sports

Episode 38 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 38 on Spotify

Johnita Due is making the workplace more welcoming to everyone. As senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer at WarnerMedia News and Sports, she’s focused on building an organization where all employees can feel free to be their true selves. In episode 38 of the Coffee Break w/NYWICI podcast, Johnita chatted about how she got this important job and why it’s crucial for companies to have a diversity and inclusion action plan right now.

Episode 37

Sally Susman, Pfizer & Lisa Sherman, The Ad Council

Episode 37 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 37 on Spotify

Sally Susman (pictured right), executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer at Pfizer, and Lisa Sherman (pictured left), president and chief executive officer of the Ad Council, have been friends for more than three decades. They’ve sought each other’s professional advice countless times — and it’s made a huge difference in their careers. In episode 37 of Coffee Break w/ NYWICI, the two Matrix Award winners walk us through how they became best friends, their techniques for getting work done, and their rules for talking politics with colleagues. (And psst, if you’re one of those people who feels guilty about turning down work, you’re definitely going to want to hear their thoughts on the power of saying no.)

This episode was recorded in December 2019.

Coffee Break -How to Start a Podcast - NYUEpisode 36

How to Start Your Own Podcast: Tips from NYU Students

Episode 36 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 36 on Spotify

Are you thinking about starting a podcast? You won’t want to miss this episode! Recorded live at a New York University panel event, host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich spoke with go-getter college students who have launched their own inspiring and informative podcasts: Kelly Drake (Theatre-in-the-Sound), Jordan Marley Powell and Anuka Sethi (WOC Makin’ It Big), Charitssa Stone (Color Me Nerd), and Guru Ramanathan and Michael Oluokun (The Passion Project). These impressive students discussed everything from the details of their recording processes to their strategies for social media promotion. Check out this lively discussion and then start recording your own show! (This episode was recorded in the fall of 2019.)

Episode 35

Jeanine D. Liburd, Chief Social Impact and Communications Officer, BET Networks

Episode 35 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 35 on Spotify

From the White House to the Oxygen network, Jeanine Liburd’s career path has led her to a variety of fascinating places. Jeanine — now the chief social impact and communications officer for BET Networks — prefers Earl Grey tea over coffee, but she’s still ready to spill all the details in this episode. She talks about her networking strategies, how she uses handwritten lists to prioritize her time, and what it was like to work in the government under President Bill Clinton. She also shares her insightful ideas on how the communications industry can get better at hiring people of color for leadership roles. Tune in for a captivating conversation with this 2019 Matrix Award winner.

Episode 34

Georgia Galanoudis, EVP of Media, HIMSS & Leslie Pitterson, VP of Communications, Global Media, Nielsen

Episode 34 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 34 on Spotify

On this episode of the podcast, we’re tackling a topic that’s top of mind for so many women: how to pivot in your career. To really dig into this topic, we spoke with New York Women in Communications board members Georgia Galanoudis, Executive Vice President of Media at HIMSS, and Leslie Pitterson, Vice President of Communications, Global Media at Nielsen, about their own experience pivoting in their careers and some of the most surprising results of NYWICI’s latest study on women’s attitudes about career pivoting. Tune in for Leslie and Georgia’s great advice for transitioning roles internally within an organization and how to be an active participant in your own professional development. Find more information about the NYWICI PIVOT Development Grants here: https://nywici.org/pivot-grants/

Ann MackEpisode 33

Ann Mack, Director of Business Solutions, Global Business Marketing, Facebook

Episode 33 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 33 on Spotify

Start the new year off right with can’t-miss advice from Ann Mack, director of business solutions, global business marketing at Facebook. In this episode, she talks about her early days working in journalism (starting at the very beginning with a paper route and later working as a crime reporter), making the big move to New York City for a job, transitioning from journalism to internal communications, and what it’s like overseeing Facebook IQ. Ann’s journey is inspirational for anyone working in communications and you’ll definitely want to take her advice when looking for your next job (“If a job doesn’t stretch you in new and interesting ways, why consider it?”) and steal her strategy for annual goal planning and vision setting.

Episode 32

Ladies Who Laugh 2019

Episode 32 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 32 on Spotify

For this special mini-episode of the podcast, we checked in with the five hilarious comedians who participated in NYWICI’s Ladies Who Laugh event: Katina Corrao, Samantha Ruddy, Maysoon Zayid, Alison Leiby, and Atheer Yacoub. This funny group of hard working women talked side hustles, work-life balance, and the importance of confidence, especially in a male-dominated industry. Plus, they’ve got can’t-miss advice that’ll help you ace that next presentation for your boss!

Episode 31

Kristen Meinzer, Co-Host of By the Book and Author of So You Want to Start a Podcast

Episode 31 on Apple Podcasts | Episode 31 on Spotify

After more than 10 years in podcasting, Kristen Meinzer has a lot of incredible career advice that applies for anyone who wants to get started in that or any industry! She currently co-hosts By the Book, a comedic reality show/self-help podcast with a feminist spin — and her inspiring new book, So You Want to Start a Podcast, is out now. On Episode 31 of Coffee Break w/NYWICI, Kristen talks about how to be a successful podcaster, how to create content that is true to yourself, the importance of networking, and what it’s like to write a book.

Episode 30

Original Fearless Girls of Advertising

Episode 30 on iTunes | Episode 30 on Spotify

Whether or not you work in advertising, you won’t want to miss this panel of powerhouse women who have crashed through glass ceilings to become the leaders of their industry! Recorded live at our Original Fearless Girls of Advertising event, this discussion is moderated by Cindi Leive (former editor-in-chief of Self and Glamour) and features Shelly Lazarus (chairman emeritus of Ogilvy & Mather), Daisy Expósito-Ulla (chairman and CEO of d expósito & Partners), Carol H. Williams (CEO and owner of Carol H. Williams Advertising), Charlotte Beers (former chairman/CEO of Oglivy & Mather Worldwide), Nina DiSesa(former chairman and chief creative officer of McCann Erickson), and Cathie Black (former chairman of Hearst Magazines). These amazing women shared their can’t-miss advice that’ll help you find your edge and stand out in any industry. The Original Fearless Girls of Advertising panel was presented by McCann New York, Bloomberg Media Group, the American Advertising Federation and New York Women In Communications.

Episode 29

Marisa Bardach Ramel, Author of The Goodbye Diaries & Program Advisor at Syracuse University Newhouse NYC

Episode 29 on iTunes | Episode 29 on Spotify

Marisa Bardach Ramel has worn many different hats over the course of her career, including magazine editor, career advice guru, and published author — and luckily for us, she’s willing to share insights from all her different roles. After breaking down her love of low-key bodega coffee, she goes in-depth about writing and publishing The Goodbye Diaries with her late mother. She also has tips for cover letters, résumés, informational interviews, and talks about her 80% rule for the job search. Find out what that 80% rule is in this episode!

Learn more about Marisa’s book here: https://www.goodbyediaries.com/

Episode 28

Beth Comstock, Author of Imagine it Forward and Former Vice Chair, General Electric

Episode 28 on iTunes | Episode 28 on Spotify

For episode 28, we bring you to a live event featuring Beth Comstock, former vice chair of General Electric, author of Imagine It Forward, and 2016 NYWICI Matrix winner. This self-described “troublemaker” shares valuable advice and personal anecdotes during her discussion with Jacki Kelley, president and chief client officer at Dentsu Aegis Network. You won’t want to miss Beth’s thoughts on overcoming introversion, the imagination gap, and building team magic in the office.

Episode 27

Power of the Pack, Featuring Shelley Zalis and Meredith Levien

Episode 27 on iTunes | Episode 27 on Spotify

In this episode we are sharing NYWICI’s incredible Power of the Pack event, featuring Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and Meredith Levien, Chief Operating Officer at The New York Times, in conversation with NYWICI president Judith Harrison. The panel explored how women can promote gender equality in the workplace, rejecting the idea that women need to become more like men in order to succeed. Shelley and Meredith also discuss gender quotas, the importance of empathy and compassion in the office, and the new Golden Rule in the #metoo era. After listening to their empowering advice, you’ll be ready to make an impact in your workplace! This episode is brought to you by The New York Times podcast, The Daily.

Episode 26

Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, CNBC

Episode 26 on iTunes | Episode 26 on Spotify

On episode 26, we tackle listeners’ tough money questions with Sharon Epperson, senior personal finance correspondent at CNBC. After giving us the scoop on her go-to coffee order, Sharon chats about working in a multimedia role, how her job has changed over the years, and the importance of having a ready-to-go elevator pitch. Then, she weighs in on Roth IRAs, paying off student loans, credit scores, and more. Don’t miss this one—your bank account will thank you!

Episode 25

Scholarship Advice from the NYWICI Student Career Conference

Episode 25 on iTunes | Episode 25 on Spotify

Students, listen up! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to rack up those crucial scholarship awards. Recorded live at our Student Career Conference, this panel discussion features Leslie Hunt (Director of Graduate Programs, The Weissman School of Arts and Science at Baruch College), Sarah Lynch (member of the NYWICI Student Affairs Committee), Alanna McCatty (Founder and CEO, McCatty Scholars), and Saundra Thomas (Non-profit Consultant, SPT Consults). They share their tried-and-true advice for how to stand out on paper, ace the interview, and create “wow moments” that’ll truly impress.

Episode 24

The WiCi Awards

Episode 24 on iTunes | Episode 24 on Spotify

Did you miss the WiCi Awards? No worries — we’ve got your ticket in this episode of the podcast! Our team recorded the event (which was emceed by our very own host, Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich), which celebrates the career achievements of rising stars in communications. This year’s winners (and panelists) included Lisa Tobin (Executive Producer for Audio, The New York Times), Jennifer Bender (Senior Manager, Communications, Strategy & Commercial Operations, Pfizer), Ashley Miles (Chief Client Officer, Head of Advertising, North America, Refinery29), Lauren Skowronski (SVP Corporate Communications, NBCUniversal) and Michelle Tan (Editorial Director, MAKERS). Tune in for their can’t-miss advice on creating your own personal board of directors, dealing with imposter syndrome, finding a mentor, and more! This episode is brought to you by The New York Times podcast, The Daily.

Episode 23

Kim Kelleher, Chief Business Officer, GQ, GQ Style, Golf Digest, Golf World, Pitchfork, and Wired Media Group

Episode 23 on iTunes | Episode 23 on Spotify

Throughout Kim Kelleher’s remarkable career, she’s held a wide variety of fascinating jobs, even leaving the publishing industry twice to work at startups. After dishing on her deep love for coffee, she shares what she’s learned from her unique experiences, including the differences between a boss and a mentor, why service industry experience is valuable on a resume, and the importance of seeing professional opportunities where others don’t. Bonus: You’re going to want to adopt her work motto ASAP.

Episode 22

Dia Simms, President, Combs Enterprises

Episode 22 on iTunes | Episode 22 on Spotify

Dia Simms has had an extraordinary career, from the Department of Defense to radio and pharmaceutical sales to her current position as President of Combs Enterprises (a company led by music legend Sean “Diddy” Combs). After a bit of coffee talk (sharing her java preferences and her own experience working at a coffee shop), Dia shares amazing career advice, including the importance of negotiation skills, how to get promoted up through a company, and the value of making time for philanthropy. And don’t miss her flawless answer to the familiar question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Hillary KleinEpisode 21

Hillary Klein, Head of Strategy and Public Affairs at WeWork

Episode 21 on iTunes | Episode 21 on Spotify

Hillary Klein has had an incredible career in PR, and it is evolving and getting more exciting every year. After more than a decade of working at PR agencies, she has spent the last two years as Head of Strategy and Operations for Public Affairs at WeWork. A self-described storyteller, she dishes on her coffee preferences, WeWork’s massive growth and the challenges and rewards that come with her job. Tune in to catch all her funny anecdotes on everything from her love of Starbucks to how a cranky self-review led to the next steps in her career journey.

Episode 20

Kate White, Author of The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success and Former Editor-In-Chief, Cosmopolitan

Episode 20 on iTunes | Episode 20 on Spotify

Kate White, author of The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success and former editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan, is an iconic figure in the magazine and book publishing industries. After chatting about her extreme caffeine habits, she gives candid advice about side hustles, fashion investments, jumping into new jobs, time management, and seeking opportunities with confidence. You won’t want to miss Kate’s priceless tips for our listeners with dreams of becoming a writer. And, as an added bonus, she has some incredibly valuable money tips that you’ll definitely want to try!

Judith Harrison​​Episode 19

Judith Harrison, Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Weber Shandwick

Episode 19 on iTunes | Episode 19 on Spotify

In this episode, we chat with NYWICI’s incoming president, Judith Harrison. Judith is the Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion at Weber Shandwick, a job that was created just for her. She discusses her career path, her passion for (and the importance of) diversity in the workplace, valuing self-care in today’s hectic world, and, of course, her coffee preferences! Plus, you won’t want to miss the wonderful stories Judith shares about mentorship and trusting your gut!

Episode 18​​Episode 18

Allison Murphy, Vice President, Ad Innovation, The New York Times

Episode 18 on iTunes | Episode 18 on Spotify

In episode 18, we chat with Allison Murphy, Vice President, Ad Innovation at The New York Times. After sharing her favorite coffee order, she walks us through her career path so far, touching on business school, switching industries, finding a mentor, and even open seating plans. Bonus: Her must-hear career advice will help you keep calm through any work crisis!

Episode 17​​ Episode 17

Advice from the 2017 NYWICI Student Communications Career Conference

Episode 17 on iTunes | Episode 17 on Spotify

And we’re back with more from the New York Women in Communications Student Communications Career Conference! Our team headed to New York University to attend the conference and interview some of the accomplished speakers and panelists that participated in the event. In this episode, we chat with Kelle Jacob (Global Marketing Manager for Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Collaboration and The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, The Estée Lauder Companies), Stephanie Agresti (Corporate Communications Specialist, Scholastic) and Gena Wolfson (Social Media & Content Producer, SiriusXM Radio). With their diverse career experiences and honest advice, each of our guests brought a unique perspective to the conversation.

Podcast episode 16.1 ​Episode 16

Advice from the 2017 NYWICI Student Communications Career Conference

Episode 16 on iTunes | Episode 16 on Spotify

Live from the New York Women in Communications Student Communications Career Conference, it’s a very special episode of Coffee Break w/ NYWICI! Our team headed to New York University to attend the conference and interview some of the accomplished speakers and panelists that participated in the event. Tune in for this special episode that features interviews with Tiffany Pham (Founder and CEO, Mogul), Meredith Long (President, NYWICI), Casey Silvestri (Production Assistant, NBC News) and Kristin Russ (Wardrobe Stylist, MTV’s TRL). And don’t forget to check back soon for Part 2!

Lindsey WeberEpisode 15

Lindsey Weber, Writer & Host of Who? Weekly Podcast

Episode 15 on iTunes | Episode 15 on Spotify

​In the first episode of season two, we catch up with Lindsey Weber, freelance writer and co-host of the podcast Who? Weekly. After chatting about the coffee she can’t live without, Lindsey discusses her tips for going freelance, why keeping in touch with your network is so important, and her love of celebrity news. She also shares her own podcasting tips and tricks, including how to start your own podcast. Plus, you won’t want to miss her thoughts on why she thinks everyone should delete their old tweets!

Jennifer Owens

Episode 14

Jennifer Owens, Editor, Spring St.

Episode 14 on iTunes | Episode 14 on Spotify

In our final episode of the season, Jennifer Owens, Editor of Spring.St, shares her insight into launching an online publication in a new market. Jennifer discusses how she made the jump from jobs in traditional media to a startup media company, and opens up about setting boundaries at work. As the founding director of the Working Mother Research Institute, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the conversation around work-life balance, and she shares smart tips for creating a company culture that encourages great work and respects flexibility and family time.

Arianna Huffington Episode 13

Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO, Thrive Global

Episode 13 on iTunes | Episode 13 on Spotify

In this special episode of the podcast, we’re bringing you inside a recent New York Women in Communications Cocktails & Conversations event featuring Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, founder of The Huffington Post and author of 15 books, including, most recently, Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. Recorded live at Bloomberg’s New York City offices, this conversation between Arianna and Jacki Kelley, NYWICI President and Chief Operating Officer at Bloomberg Media, is brimming with valuable advice. Arianna shares stories from her upbringing, her decades of experience in media and publishing and her important research on sleep deprivation (find out why she says you should sleep with your phone outside your bedroom!). Arianna also reveals the one skill that’s been the most critical to her success and leadership. Tune in for her refreshing advice on wellness and taking care of yourself to ensure that you’re bringing your best to your work and life.

Neha Gandhi Episode 12

Neha Gandhi, SVP, Content Strategy & Innovation, Refinery29

Episode 12 on iTunes | Episode 12 on Spotify

Neha Gandhi has many important roles at Refinery29, and she’s sharing all of the amazing advice, tips and experiences that helped her get there with Coffee Break w/ NYWICI. In this episode, Neha discusses why she thinks she started her career at a disadvantage (and why she wouldn’t have had it any other way), how she got into digital media during a time when it was not a very popular field to work in, and the pros and cons of working at a major media company vs. a startup. She also shares priceless tips on how to get a raise (you’ll want to start implementing her tips immediately!), how being a problem solver can help you get ahead and why you should be sharing your accomplishments. Neha’s career path has taken so many twists and turns and it’s the perfect example of the success you can have if you’re always open to new opportunities.

Claire Wasserman Episode 11

Claire Wasserman, Founder, Ladies Get Paid

Episode 11 on iTunes | Episode 11 on Spotify

Claire Wasserman takes a coffee break with NYWICI to discuss her organization Ladies Get Paid, which is empowering women to start the conversation about money in the workplace. Claire candidly discusses topics that she has learned women are often uncomfortable talking about, including revealing how much money you’re making (and what you want to be making), managing emotions and fear at work, salary negotiations, professional skills you could be getting paid for and why women are earning less money. No woman should miss this episode about how to start an open conversation about money — and keep that conversation going in order to eliminate the wage gap! Check out the Ladies Get Paid Workplace Bill of Rights.

Ann ShoketEpisode 10

Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life and former Editor-In-Chief, Seventeen

Episode 10 on iTunes | Episode 10 on Spotify

In Episode 10, Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life, shares takeaways and stories from her first job in journalism and her work as the editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine. Ann knows firsthand the importance of building a network in an authentic way. She offers her advice for landing your dream job, even if you encounter some rejection along the way. Plus, Ann reveals what goes through a manager’s mind when an employee asks for a raise or promotion. Tune in to find out Ann’s tips for getting “the Big Life” for yourself.

Marissa RoncaEpisode 9

Marissa Ronca, EVP and head of Original Programming, truTV

Episode 9 on iTunes | Episode 9 on Spotify

Marissa Ronca has had an incredible career in TV. On this episode she shares how she navigated through her unique career path by taking risks and asking about new opportunities. Marissa and Julie discuss the importance of self awareness in the workplace, how to manage a side project while having a full-time job, and why it’s important to not take things personally at work. Plus, you won’t want to miss Marissa’s tips about how to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth!

Julie PennellEpisode 8

Julie Pennell, Lifestyle Journalist & Author of The Young Wives Club

Episode 8 on iTunes | Episode 8 on Spotify

Join us for episode 8 as journalist and author Julie Pennell shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to write, publish and release her first novel, The Young Wives Club. Julie shares her unexpected path to journalism, how mentors have impacted her career, and the Robert Pattinson encounter she had while on the job. Plus, Julie explains why “figure it out” is some of the best career advice she’s ever received.

Episode 7

Liz Perle, Digital Strategist & Consultant, Teen Trends & Tech

Episode 7 on iTunes | Episode 7 on Spotify

Liz Perle had such amazing career advice for the NYWICI Career Conference episode that we couldn’t fit it all in! So, we created this bonus episode to share everything she had to say. In this episode, Liz chats about her unique career journey in the teen media world and actionable tips on how to get a raise. Plus, Julie and Liz discuss how career paths have changed, if job titles matter, why complaining at work can be dangerous and why it might be a good idea to leave your job when you’re in a good place.

Liz Kaplow Episode 6

Liz Kaplow, founder & CEO, Kaplow Communications

Episode 6 on iTunes | Episode 6 on Spotify

On our first episode of the new year, Julie talks with Liz Kaplow, Founder, CEO, and President of Kaplow Communications — a top public relations firm that has been recognized as Consumer Agency of The Year. Liz shares some of the many lessons she’s learned since launching her company 25 years ago, and explains how embracing “over-communication” has shaped her business. She reveals the steps she took to create an environment that offers her team flexibility while still producing excellent work, and she explains why she believes that “mentoring should be a way of life.”

SCCC 2016Episode 5

Advice from the 2016 NYWICI Student Career Conference

Episode 5 on iTunes | Episode 5 on Spotify

Live from the New York Women in Communications Student Career Conference, it’s a special edition of Coffee Break w/ NYWICI! On this episode, Julie interviews five inspiring women at the conference. This episode features advice from Liz Perle (Digital Strategy & Consulting, Teen Trends & Tech), Jennifer Falk (Senior Marketing Analyst, Global Content Strategy & Distribution, Mattel Creations), Roxanne Emadi (Editor for News Curation, BuzzFeed News), Meredith Ferguson (Managing Director, TMI Strategy), and Brittany Masalosalo (Special Assistant in Vice President’s National Security Affairs Office, The White House). Our guests spoke about the importance of staying curious, knowing your worth, what it takes to be a team player and how to be a standout employee.

Megan HessEpisode 4:

Megan Hess, Mobile and Emerging Platforms Editor at Bloomberg LP

Episode 4 on iTunes | Episode 4 on Spotify

This episode features an interview with Megan Hess, Mobile and Emerging Platforms editor at Bloomberg LP. Megan gives listeners a step-by-step guide to negotiating a raise, shares tips and sample scripts for tactfully transitioning to the next step in your career (including details on how to start that conversation with your boss), and explains why you shouldn’t take a title change with no raise. Plus, she discusses the importance of separating professional failure from personal failure.

Taylor StreckerEpisode 3:

Taylor Strecker, host of Wake Up With Taylor on SiriusXM

Episode 3 on iTunes | Episode 3 on Spotify

In Episode 3, Julie chats with Taylor Strecker, host of the morning show Wake Up With Taylor on SiriusXM Radio. Taylor opens up about how she decides when to take on (and turn down) opportunities, her tips for building and managing a team that’s actually fun to work with, and her story of being lucky “but prepared for when the luck hit.”

Amy OdellEpisode 2:

Amy Odell, editor, Cosmopolitan.com & director of Editorial Strategy, RedbookMag.com

Episode 2 on iTunes | Episode 2 on Spotify

On this episode, Amy Odell, the editor of Cosmopolitan.com and director of Editorial Strategy for RedbookMag.com, chats with Julie about how to find success and the reason why she says “You can’t wait around for things to happen to you.” Plus, the veteran fashion writer shares her insider tips for how to dress for work!

Saundra ThomasEpisode 1:

Saundra Thomas, vice-president of Community Affairs at WABC-TV

Episode 1 on iTunes | Episode 1 on Spotify
Grab a latte (or your coffee drink of choice) and tune into the premiere of Coffee Break w/NYWICI, featuring guest Saundra Thomas, vice-president of Community Affairs at WABC-TV. Host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich chats with Saundra about staying centered at work and finding fulfillment in our career (even if you don’t love your job).


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