All About NYWICI’s Roadmap For Change 

Over the past 23 years, the NYWICI Scholarship program has given more than $2 million to nearly 400 students. And in 2022, NYWICI partnered with Kaplow Communications to launch the Roadmap for Change initiative, an apprenticeship that’s a response to the lack of diversity in the communications field. This episode of the WomenHeard podcast breaks down what you need to know about the initiative and scholarships, with input from Maria Ungaro, Vice President of Scholarships and Grants at NYWICI; Liz Kaplow, Founder and CEO of Kaplow Communications and past President of NYWICI; and Brianna Boone, a senior at Temple University and 2022 and 2023 NYWICI scholarship recipient. Here’s a sneak peek at the conversation.


Whether you’ve been in the communications industry for one year or 30 years, we all know that many women struggle with work-life integration and the idea of “having it all.” That’s why it’s important to build a strong support system that guides you, Maria and Liz say, noting that NYWICI is a great organization for that. 

Brianna, who’s just entering the workforce, notes that one of the greatest challenges is simply getting your foot in the door. The job market has been especially difficult after the pandemic, she says, and there are a lot of factors that can work against you if you don’t fit into a particular box. What’s helped her succeed? The NYWICI scholarship and the Roadmap for Change Initiative. 


Maria says that one of her favorite things about NYWICI is its scholarship program. She believes “it’s core to who we are as an organization, helping women advance at every stage of her career.” That includes a dedication to the future of young womens’ careers; Brianna says she’s noticed a support system that makes her feel valued, noting “it was really nice to get to feel special.” Both women believe that these qualities show what NYWICI is all about. 


In addition to scholarships, the Roadmaps for Change initiative has given young women the opportunity to gain experience in the field of communication. Liz says that even though Kaplow helps with the scholarship, they wanted to take it a step further with an apprenticeship. Brianna was one of the first people recipients, Liz adds, and she helped shape how the apprenticeship will help students. The main goal of this program is for young individuals to have more hands-on experience in learning about the industry, so they can figure out exactly what they want to do with their futures. 

Thank you to Maria Ungaro, Liz Kaplow, and Brianna Boone for joining us! Listen to the WomenHeard podcast and read on for more information on the NYWICI Scholarship and Roadmap for Change initiative

Written by Anisa Chowdhoury, NYWICI Member


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