Everything in Equality: Humor, History and Heart – The Life of Ms. Beverly Wettenstein

For Women’s History Month, NYWICI is proud to introduce the Beverly Wettenstein series – programming dedicated to the mission of celebrating women and their enormous contributions to the field of communications, advertising, and media.

This series is in honor of Beverly Wettenstein, a beloved member of New York Women in Communications. Beverly’s personal mission and message was “Celebrate Women Every Day and Make History” and she wanted to ensure her legacy as a champion for women’s equality would live on through the work of our organization.

Beverly Wettenstein was an award-winning journalist, author, women’s advocate, historian, national speaker, and corporate communications executive based in New York City. She is the author of “A WOMAN’S BOOK OF DAYS” daily journal of Female Firsts, Fun Facts and hundreds of popular and unknown women’s achievements.

Her news coverage of women’s issues was relatable, fun, and timely. Ms. Beverly had a wonderful sense of humor and was a keen observer of pop culture often writing about celebrity couples and relationships (some might even call it celebrity gossip). She once called herself an “investigative romance reporter” and always added her own personal flair to her stories.

In 1997, the New York Times published her “Cost of Loving” survey showing how the costs of courting and a wedding have risen over 10 years, providing more proof that love indeed ignores most norms — including the Consumer Price Index.

In 2014, she heavily influenced the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine to publish an all-female edition honoring women chefs.

In 2016, she wrote an article “Halloween Costume Proposal to Girls: Goodbye Princess, Hello President” encouraging girls and young women to dress as the first female president of the United States.

Beverly Wettenstein was a vocal and fierce pioneer for women’s equality which was embodied in nearly everything she did throughout her storied career in the communications industry. NYWICI is delighted to remember her spirit, her service to the local community, and most importantly her passion and dedication to the advancement of women.

By Brandi Boatner, NYWICI President-Elect


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