How The NYWICI Scholarship Impacted This 2021 Winner

Every year, New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) awards approximately 10 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who intend to pursue or further a career in communications. It’s a life-changing opportunity that opens students up to the NYWICI community to learn and to make meaningful connections. With a deadline of April 8th, there are just a couple weeks left to apply!

Yamila Martinez, a 2021 NYWICI scholarship and an Esperanza Scholarship recipient, believes this scholarship has aided in her overall educational experience. Martinez applied to the NYWICI scholarship when she was graduating with her associate’s degree from Borough Manhattan Community College and looking to transfer to a four-year university. She now studies at Hunter College. 

As an immigrant and non-traditional student who worked and studied full-time, Martinez wanted to have time and economic opportunities to solely focus on internships and career development. Thanks to the NYWICI scholarship, Martinez had more time to dedicate to her future career in communications. “I received the NYWICI scholarship during my first semester as a junior student in the Fall 2021,” Martinez says. “During that semester, I was able to participate in internships, fellowships and NYWICI’s Student Career Bootcamp because I had the NYWICI scholarship.”

Martinez assures that the application process is not complicated. To apply, you’ll need to fill out a few short questions and submit an essay, resumé and two letters of recommendation. She also asserts that you don’t need to have a big portfolio or “fancy” internship experience. “I especially encourage students from community colleges and non-traditional students like me to apply,” Martinez says. “Don’t disqualify yourself—apply!” In your application, she recommends focusing on your strengths and what you’re passionate about and to reflect all of this in your essay. 

Because of the NYWICI scholarship, she has gained a wider view of the opportunities in the communications field and the skills she needs to develop her career. She recognizes that it isn’t easy to get your foot in the door, so networking opportunities like this scholarship are very helpful. “When I got the NYWICI scholarship, I knew I could be part of a network of women leaders and experts in the industry,” Martinez reflects.

This article has been condensed and edited for clarity. 


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