Laura Brusca: “Don’t Ask For Permission”

On this episode of the WomenHeard podcast, host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich speaks with 

Laura Brusca, Chief Communications Officer at Forbes and the new President of New York Women in Communication. Laura offers insight into imposter syndrome, her career journey, what her presidency at NYWICI will look like, and many other topics you won’t want to miss. Here are some things you can look forward to during the illuminating conversation.


Imposter syndrome, according to Laura. We often doubt our own success and abilities, she notes, but she wants to help more women know their value. Something that has helped her: A former boss told her to write “Don’t ask for permission” on a sticky note. Of course this doesn’t mean you should always break the rules, but instead, it should serve as a reminder that you know what you’re doing. “Sometimes it’s okay just to do it and just to go ahead and trust your gut,” Laura says, “and to believe that you have the answers to move things forward.”


Rather than jumping around from workplace to workplace, Laura has been with just two companies throughout her professional career. In college, she had originally thought she wanted to go into advertising but soon realized corporate communications was her true calling. After her senior year, she joined Ruder Finn, where she worked on a wide variety of campaigns, from big fashion clients to supporting a launch for a pediatric malaria drug. “I always raised my hands for new things,” she says. She wanted to be an expert in all aspects of PR, not just one type. Even though being so hands-on meant a lot of late nights, she also made so many connections and worked with so many great brands. At the end of the day, Laura says, “Hard work, patience, and continuing to do good work really pays off.”


Laura’s journey with NYWICI started with the Student Affairs Committee, and then in 2020, she became the Vice President of Communications, ultimately playing a crucial role in the transition from an in-person organization to a more online-oriented model. Now, as this year’s President of NYWICI, she plans to focus on the three Rs: reinforce, reengage, and ROI (return on investment). That means reinforce what the organization stands for, reengage with its members in new ways, and look at its priorities so everyone gets the most out of initiatives. “It’s all about giving back to the younger generation and helping them,” she says. Stay tuned to learn about new opportunities!

Thanks to Laura Brusca for joining us. For the full interview, listen to NYWICI’s WomenHeard podcast.

Written by Anisa Chowdhoury


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