My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by strong women. From attending a tiny all-girls school for thirteen years to looking up to my older sister’s every move to watching my mom dominate the stage as a motivational speaker, every aspect of my life has led me to being a “girl’s girl.” So when I received the news that I would be an NYWICI scholarship recipient for the 2022-2023 school year, I felt comforted by the fact that my girl gang was growing alongside me.

For me, being an NYWICI scholarship recipient is far more valuable than any sum of money. By being a part of the NYWICI network, I am exposed to a cohort of like-minded women who are passionate about media, gender equality, and uplifting the voices of other women. In being a member of this empowering community, I have access to an exclusive job and internship board, which lists numerous career opportunities in media and beyond, as well as endless networking opportunities. While my scholarship has been an incredible help for me as a working student, I am also attuned to the fact that being a NYWICI scholarship recipient also means being well-connected.

Even while studying abroad at NYU Paris, I feel supported by my NYWICI family in every professional venture that I take. As I look forward to what I hope will be a long career in media, I know that I can turn to my NYWICI cohort for guidance at any point. And this is something that money can’t buy.

Written by: 2022 Scholarship Winner Sasha Wayman

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