Squeaky Clean: Five Ways to Cleanse Your Energy

By Aziza Kibibi

Have you ever walked into a room and weren’t feeling the ‘vibe?’ Or been in the presence of a person who isn’t in a good mood and you begin to experience your own becoming a little blue?

In one study conducted at Bielefeld University in Germany, scientists found that plants can absorb energy from other plants. Using that information, another scientist hypothesized that humans do the same. But many cultures, religions and memes already know this. Further research continues on what many of us already sense. However, rather than wait for science to catch up, let’s take a page out of the lesson book that was 2020.

“Happy birthday,” twenty seconds and 70% isopropyl alcohol became a connected and vital part of our daily practice in the fight against COVID-19. Being a squeamish Virgo with a self-diagnosed case of mild OCD, I was shocked when I learned in the early part of 2020 that 60% of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. So, by the time the world stood still and it became dangerous to share the same oxygen in a room, I was ever more grateful for the hand-washing protocols I had already cultivated in my children. And inclusive of the bottles of hand sanitizers I’d been stashing in every purse for the last ten years, along with my gracefully strategic dodge of handshakes I’d perfected since starting my career in politics, the practices that were new to many were as familiar to me as locking my front door when I left the house.

But it wasn’t because of a God-given foresight of the looming pandemic. It was all simply because it made sense. Part of my homeschooled education was to watch a show called “321 Contact” daily, a science show for children that made learning science cool. And it was through this very show I learned about the viruses and bacteria that were invisible to the naked eye. My childhood education also exposed me to something else invisible to the naked eye. Something that until recently was only seriously acknowledged in films like The Matrix: the existence and transference of human energy and aura.

During the pandemic we learned as we went along. Though reports of COVID-19 cases began on January 21, 2020, the CDC didn’t recommend social distancing, face coverings and hand-washing until March 2020. As we learned more about how the virus spread, tutorials for cleaning groceries, wiping down cell phones and stripping off clothes worn outside became common on YouTube. But unfortunately, these instructions came too late for many. Therefore, it would be commendably proactive for you to start protecting and cleaning your aura before the science confirms that you should.

The benefits:

There are different types of energy: Kinetic, mechanical, chemical and thermal, to name a few. Humans are a combination of those types of energy (including electrical). Within those combinations, we create and become conductors of energy which contributes to what is commonly known as aura.

Consider this. When you eat food that isn’t good for you, your body has difficulty converting that food to energy. Toxins from unhealthy food can become poisonous and damaging. One recourse to counter the effects of eating unhealthily is to detoxify. That would consist of eating certain foods high in fiber and nutrients that stimulate our glands to express waste and toxins. Our aura works similarly. We can pick up residuals of energy and absorb it through interaction with certain things, people and places. Our physical and mental health, sexual activity and getting good quality sleep can also affect your aura.

Cleaning yourself of residual negative energy can improve your mood when you’re feeling down, sharpen your focus for work and help you maintain an overall sense of positive vibes.

Ways to clean off and protect yourself from negative energy:

Listen to music:

Sound manifests by vibrating through the air and bouncing off other things. As living receivers and conductors, people and their auras can be affected by these vibrations. The resonation and frequency of Tibetan singing bowls have been known to have a calming effect on the human brain and aura. But even before you run to your nearest Zen shop, try listening to music—classical, jazz, tribal or your favorite top 40 tunes can dispel negative energy with good vibrations.

Fun fact: Listening to music at a frequency of 432 Hz heightens perception and promotes mental clarity. While most western music is tuned to 440 Hz, most Eastern music is tuned to 432 Hz.

Take a walk in sunlight:

Light vibrates at rates depending on the color. Piercing through space, distance and even some objects, the sun’s vibration directly affects our own. Inclusive of getting your daily dose of vitamin D from the original source, basking in the sun’s warm glow can remove negative energy, regulate brain wave function and increase the positive energy in your aura.

Use crystals:

Though motionless to the naked eye, crystals vibrate at 32,768Hz. Wearing certain crystals and semi-precious stones can repel negative vibrations that could disrupt or try to attach themselves to your aura. Place certain crystals on your end table or the area where you meditate to help you become relaxed, to regulate your brain functions and energize your aura.

Get moving:

As a collection of atoms and molecules, we are constantly vibrating. But that’s not enough. Engaging your muscles creates positive kinetic energy. While exercise ramps up endorphins (the feel-good hormone), it also disrupts negative energy that may have attached to your aura.

Creative visualization:

Creative visualization is a tool that some of the most influential and successful people in the world have used. From Oprah Winfrey to Arnold Schwarzenegger, imagining and then putting a mental focus on achieving one’s goals has proven successful to many. The same can be done for cleaning your aura and even repelling negative energy.

In the morning, before you go out into the world, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine a shield around you. Give it a color that makes you feel powerful. It can look like an actual suit of armor, or it can look like a glowing bubble surrounding you—it’s up to you.

Once you have the vision in your mind, repeat three times: “As I go through my day, this shield will protect me, strengthen me and help light my way.” Allow the words to resonate through your body while feeling the energy of your thoughts. Then open your eyes and continue your day as normal.

When you take your shower at the end of your day, try closing your eyes under the running water and visualize gray or brown negative energy sliding off and down the drain. You’ll feel even more refreshed than with soap and water alone.

There is much we don’t know about the way things work. Until COVID-19, most of us only wiped our phone screens to take a clearer picture. But the more we become in tune with ourselves while considering new ideas and using available information, the better we can function and protect ourselves and others.

Aziza Kibibi

Aziza Kibibi is an author, activist, public speaker, chef, mom and content creator. She is a 2015 NYWICI scholarship recipient and studied psychology, broadcast journalism and media productions and holds two bachelor’s degrees from William Paterson University. Kibibi currently runs a nonprofit that helps prevent child abuse and domestic violence and counsels survivors of abuse. She is the social media manager for the President of the Board of Chosen Commissioners in Essex County in New Jersey.


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