Stephanie Mehta: Nobody Has All the Answers

By Kristin Russ Morgan

In episode 49 of the WomenHeard podcast, Stephanie Mehta, CEO and chief content officer of publisher Mansueto Ventures, offers a peek into her rich career journey from a writer and editor to C-suite management. In her discussion with host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, she gives bold yet sound guidance to women on the verge of leadership positions and those making unilateral moves in their career. Here are some of the key topics you can expect to hear more about during the conversation.

You can have a big job and write your own rules.

We all know work-life balance is often difficult to achieve. While transitioning to an editor role, Mehta worried about the old-school work hours—but ultimately, she decided to find a way to create some balance and flexibility, because she knew she wanted the job. And more recently, she adds, a shift in office culture has welcomed more transparency about employees’ needs and personal lives. “As long as the work got done, people were pretty accommodating,” she says. “I hope in my own way, I was setting an example.”

There’s no single path.

There are lots of different ways to find success in business today, Mehta says. That means it’s okay if your background isn’t “conventional.” After all, understanding what’s needed beyond your role will always put you in a powerful position. “Smart organizations are looking for that diversity of experience,” she says, “and not that linear corporate path.”

We have an opportunity to be better.

Post-pandemic, the world is at a pivotal moment when it comes to the office and its culture. “How do we prevent another generation of women from leaving the workplace?” Mehta asks. Hint: She thinks it’s important that we listen to employees and allow them to bring more honesty to work. Engaging in more discussions on how people work best will create a greater understanding of what company and employee needs are.

Thanks to Stephanie Mehta for sharing her time with us! Join us for more episodes of the NYWICI WomenHeard podcast here.


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