The Art of Negotiation

By Giuliana Lonigro

The Art of Negotiation is part of every woman’s career reality. But what is the best way to approach salary or promotion negotiations? Despite varied opinions on the most affective approaches to negotiation, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Do your homework
  • Research salaries for the position you are applying for on
  • Study the LinkedIn profile of the company and the people you will be interviewing with. Are there people in your network who work there and can answer questions?
  • Ask about the entire package, not just the salary. What is the vacation time policy? What type of health coverage deductibles are offered?
  • Practice staying calm and neutral during negotiations
  • Practice getting to the point
  • Once you have made your point, and “the fish is in the boat,” stop talking
  • Consider negotiating the scope of a job or project: can work hours be scaled down in order to come to an agreement on price?
  • Don’t get cornered with naming a salary. You can respond with “I’ve heard that people in this position at this company make $100k. Is that accurate?”
  • Trust your inner voice
  • How a company handles the negotiations process is a window into their culture. If the process doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s not the right job or the right company for you

Every woman must decide on (and practice!) the approach that feels appropriate to her situation when negotiating for a job. When we apply and interview for jobs or projects, part of our preparation is to research the market, the company and its hiring managers, but we also have to remain authentic and true to ourselves. While we all change aspects of ourselves to some extent to “fit in,” we have a better chance of finding success when we accept positions in companies that encourage all its employees to stay true to who they are.

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