The Versatility of Communications Degrees

Professional “Yappers”

One of the newer Gen Z terms that has taken the internet by storm is the concept of “yappers”, or extroverts and those that are prepared to speak any and every thought that comes to mind. My own Instagram bio boasts “pro yapper”, a joke I like to make in reference to my degree in public relations.

If you watch any ‘man on the street’ interview from college campuses, when asked the question “What’s the easiest major?” or “What major requires the least amount of work?”, you can confidently bet 80% of the answers lean toward communications centered majors. Students outside the realm of comms love to assume the commonplace lack of exams equates to a lack of hard work – or any work at all for that matter.

While the impersonations of comms majors playing Spikeball on the lawn rather than crying over exams always garner a laugh out of me, the assumption that no work is involved in the major is misplaced and disheartening.

Good Communication Skills Are Invaluable

All jokes aside, I am proud of my communications degree. Communications degrees prepare graduates to enter any industry they desire; just look at LinkedIn’s “Most In-Demand Skills” report, which displays communication as the top skill for the past two years.

The courses taken while seeking these degrees provide hands-on experiences hone interpersonal skills and public speaking expertise. Communications students are encouraged to discover the best ways to articulate their thoughts and synthesize the ideas of others while becoming thought leaders for their generation. When entering the “real world” with this skillset, you are prepared to create tangible results and progress for your company or organization.

The Power of Communications

Though I am not jumping at the chance to redo college and sit exams that my engineering friends took, those same friends would be the first to say they would take their organic chemistry exams over writing a 50+ page crisis communications manual any day – that’s simply where our strengths and interests differ. It’s essential to stop downgrading the power of a communications degree, after all, without communications majors, who would be the world’s storytellers?

Written by Amanda Dait, 2023 NYWICI Scholarship Winner


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