Summer Is Almost Over: Are You Ready for a New Beginning?

Summer is Almost OverThe summer is almost over and that can mean a new job, a new internship or school is just around the corner. Here are a few tips how to make sure this will be your best and most productive year ever to boost your career or to start a new endeavor.

Find Diversity

While it’s nice to surround yourself with the people you like and to follow people on social media who have the same interests as you, it’s important to break out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to a diverse spectrum of people and knowledge. Being mindful of what you’re taking in can really broaden your perspective and help you engage in interesting conversations and situations that you wouldn’t have normally taken part in.

Put In Your ‘Sweat Equity’

If you want to reap the benefits, you need to put in the work. If you’re looking to take on more responsibility in your position or ask for more, you need to “nail the small stuff” before your boss might even remember your name. Once you do that, tell her about it and show how a new change can make her life easier. Remember: You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

This also works when you need to say ‘no’—which we all need to do more of. Never say no to a challenge, but also know when you do need to say no. The best way to handle that without losing points is if you accrue good will by your prior excellent performance.

You Need to ‘Grustle’ = Grind + Hustle

Managing time effectively is something we all struggle with every day, be it with a current job, a side hustle or with keeping up with contacts. We all say we “don’t have enough time,” but the real key is, if it’s important to you, make the time for it. Are you more passionate about your side hustle? Then turn that passion into a paycheck and take risks! Don’t wait for permission to do something you’re passionate about. It could pay off.

Go On a Cash Diet

Simply put: Take out a certain amount of cash every week, and once that cash is done, so is your spending for the week. You will thank yourself at the end of the year.

Dress to Blend and Read the Room

When going on a job interview, take into account the culture of that company to prepare your outfit. You shouldn’t dress as if you’re going out on a Saturday night, but you should feel good in what you wear as it represents who you are. While many times it is good to stand out and make a statement, other times it’s better to dress to blend, so people are noticing you and not your appearance. One amazing quote I heard was, “Don’t bring the coffee pastries in a room full of men—you’re done. But bring them to a room full of women…”.

And finally: It is vital for women to connect, speak up and support each other so that we all can be empowered.

— Christine Murray


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