2023 IPG Scholarship Recipient

Joyce Chen grew up in the South Philadelphia area, attends Temple University, and is a senior studying advertising with a concentration in brand strategy and research. While maintaining straight A’s each year and actively serving her role as fundraising chair for UNICEF, Joyce continues to expand her knowledge of the communications industry by interning with SideBiz SMART, Scribewise, Reconcile, and Upkey. From these companies, Joyce learned about social media, marketing, global leadership, and entrepreneurship. Joyce hopes to work in a media-related field as a digital content strategist post graduation in an ad agency.

What inspired you to join NYWICI?

I was inspired to join NYWICI because they avoid making women feel like they are under appreciated and overlooked by what they’re capable of in the corporate world. NYWICI offers guidance no matter what stage a person might be in their life. I highly admire NYWICI’s community and wish to offer the knowledge I’ve gained from this organization to future generations of women in communications.

What piece of career advice do you live by?

You need to fail in order to succeed, you grow from your mistakes.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m left-handed, I played the violin and danced ballet for a majority of my childhood, I like cooking different types of cuisine, I can paint a detailed painting with minimum reference, and i have a slight obsession with candles because they smell good.

What’s the best thing you’ve watched/ listened to/ or read recently?

Black Mirror on Netflix is the best show I’ve watched because it alters the way you think about society with each episode.

What 5 people living, or dead would you invite for dinner?

I would invite Ruth Handler, Claudette Colvin, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jackson for dinner because I want to learn more about what they wish they could’ve changed in their lives. While all of the people I invited made an impact on the world in some shape or form, it’s evident that there’s something missing in their lives. My goal is to learn more about them, so they can re-tell their stories and be more at ease with who they are/were.


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