Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Hi everyone,

In a recent interview I did with NYWICI’s WomenHeard podcast, I was asked what I think the biggest challenge women face in the workplace today. This is a question that host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich asks every guest at the start of the show.

For me personally, I shared two words: Imposter Syndrome. It’s something I hear a lot of women leaders say, which is always surprising especially once someone has achieved a certain level of success. It’s a challenge that resonates deeply with many who may doubt themselves or feel as though they are not qualified enough. However, this isn’t the only challenge we’re facing today. Several recent podcast guests have also discussed issues such as Navigating Career Advancement and the ever-elusive Work-life Balance.

These three challenges are interrelated with each other. Navigating career advancement has been a persistent issue but has become even more prominent due to the pandemic. Many women left their jobs to care for loved ones; not all have returned to work. The hybrid workplace is also making it harder to build professional relationships, which can hinder our career growth. And how do we balance our work responsibilities with our family obligations and time for ourselves? We try to do it all, which can hold us back in the process. And, of course, Imposter Syndrome holds us back as well.

I’m still learning how to deal with my Imposter Syndrome. However, a former boss told me, “Don’t ask for permission.” You have to trust yourself that you have the answers to move forward. This was the key to helping me build my self-confidence. I even wrote the phrase on a sticky note to remind myself in moments of doubt. Fortunately, we don’t have to navigate any of this alone. New York Women in Communications is a great platform to build professional relationships and confidence in ourselves.

We can tackle these challenges together through a variety of ways:

  • Find inspiration and celebrate each other’s success: The Matrix Awards are coming up on May 21 in NYC and the lessons that the honorees share with everyone in the room will not only inspire, but give us a sense of shared understanding of each other’s challenges and triumphs. This year’s theme is Rule Breakers, an apt theme for navigating Imposter Syndrome, Career Advancement and Work-life Balance. You can learn more about the event and our inspiring honorees here.
  • Give back and gain new experiences by becoming a NYWICI volunteer: Joining a NYWICI committee is a great way to build new skills that can help advance your career, but it’s also an incredible networking opportunity to meet women from across the comms industry – advertising, marketing, PR and more. You can build more of a connection with a fellow NYWICI member through committee work than a one-off conversation. I personally started as a volunteer before joining the board, and I’m thankful I did! Check out our different committees here, and email to join a committee.
  • Attend an event to network and learn from others: Consider attending a virtual or in-person event to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in our industry. Our Next Level You series is a great option to achieve this. You can more effectively navigate your career when you are on top of industry trends. To learn more about this series and other NYWICI events, go here.

These challenges are not new, but the ever-changing communications industry and technological advancements amplify them. By building relationships and supporting each other, we can be better prepared to tackle these obstacles, make progress in the workplace and find our own version of success.

Laura Brusca
2024 NYWICI President


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