Charitybuzz Auction FAQ’s

What is NYWICI’s history with Charitybuzz?
In the decade we’ve partnered with this online auction company we have raised nearly $750,000.

What if nobody bids for the experience I’m offering?
It’s extremely unlikely that this will happen because Charitybuzz sanctions every lot we post. However if there are no bids as we get close to the end of the auction Charitybuzz may recommend lowering the opening bid to stimulate activity.

May I specify “student” or any other category of person to have lunch/a meeting with me?
Charitybuzz doesn’t recommend this approach. Limiting the category of person you’ll meet will, in turn, limit the amount of money your lot will bring. Heavy competition ensures the best sale price. If you are offering an internship or summer job, some are coveted by non-traditional students.

Who are the bidders?
In its database, Charitybuzz has over a million bidders from around the world. Some 200,000 are in the high net worth/prime category. They repeatedly buy experiences and/or opportunities. If they have shown interest regarding lots like yours, Charitybuzz staff will inform them.

The winning bidder might be someone from your industry or a fan of your company. The winning bid might go to someone who thinks a lunch or meeting with you would be a cool way to spend a few hours and they can afford the extravagance. Alternatively, your “lot” could be purchased by a parent who is trying to get their child some exposure into your industry for their career.

How do NYWICI and Charitybuzz promote the online auction?
A Charitybuzz subcommittee is dedicated to promote every lot through social media and covers highlights of the fundraising initiative in the organization’s weekly online magazine, NYWICI Now. In addition, NYWICI sponsors a full-page ad in the Matrix Awards Journal distributed to those who attend Matrix luncheons. The journal/ad is also posted on the NYWICI website. The organization will send e-blasts to its membership before, during and after the event and when a collection of lots are posted. attracts over 400,000 unique visitors monthly and displays our auction items at a dedicated URL of It also sends a weekly e-newsletter to 80,000 affluent bidders around the globe featuring key lots and auctions. In addition, it distributes customized emails to a subset of the community recommending key lots based on each user’s bidding and browsing behavior. The company also provides social media language for participating donors to make it easy to share an auction lot with followers. Lastly, Charitybuzz will promote NYWICI’s auction highlights on social media throughout the auction.

Does the auction run only in conjunction with the Matrix Awards?
Not anymore. Initially, we introduced the lots tied to this annual event. We will continue this tradition, and will also launch lots that fit the timing of the Charitybuzz special auctions:

  • Broadway shows [May]
  • Fashion [August]
  • Tennis [US Open in August]
  • Hollywood [October]
  • Entrepreneurs [November]

And at any time great experiences, events and lunch and learn opportunities come available.

Is there a minimum value?
Items on Charitybuzz open at a minimum of $500. When opening a package at $500 Charitybuzz looks for the value to be around $2,000 to $2,500.

The lots selected for Charitybuzz are exceptional and/or luxurious and bidders know this. The bidders expect Charitybuzz to curate the offerings–your valuable donation of time or of an experience is in the very best company.

Are there any items that aren’t a good fit for Charitybuzz?
NYWICI committee members ask Charitybuzz Auction Specialists to approve each lot. Typically Charitybuzz focuses on unique experiences over items or memorabilia. They know from experience that there are limits to how much bidders will pay for items that can be purchased in a store such as clothing or gift baskets.

If I’m not free to meet the winning bidder until several months after the auction should I pass on the opportunity to participate?
Absolutely not! Some of our best lots represent attendance at one-time VIP events that take place throughout the year. You and the winning bidder decide a mutually convenient time.

If there are days, such as Monday and Friday, I keep free, may I specify this?
Absolutely: You determine when the meeting, tour, lunch or breakfast will take place.

Previous lots have been:

  • Attend Glamour Magazine’s exclusive Women of the Year November event
  • Follow a Red Sox game at Fenway Park with Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Private tours of the Google main campus in Mountain View Calif. and New York headquarters, customized and led by members of the Google team.
  • Go on-air with Al Roker plus a VIP TODAY studio tour
  • Lunch & Learn with:
    • Gayle King, co-anchor of CBS This Morning
    • Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, co-founders the Skimm Inc.
    • Stephanie Mehta, a deputy editor, Vanity Fair
  • Meet Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and enjoy a private tour of Carlo’s Bake Shop, NJ
  • Downton Abbey The Final Season Meet the Actors in NYC at the Hudson Theater
  • Paid summer job at Publicis Worldwide North America & lunch with the chairman
  • Two tickets to Private Runway’s finale during Fashion Week
  • 4 VIP Tickets to LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan with a Rare Tour of WABC-TV

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