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Coffee Break w/NYWICI is a career-oriented podcast, featuring casual conversations with compelling women who work within the communications industry.

Host and career expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich chats with successful, passionate women in various roles at different stages in their careers. During these conversations, Julie asks guests to share thoughts and experiences on universal career topics, such as mastering the job interview, managing up, workplace fashion, personal finances, entrepreneurship, time management and more. Coffee Break w/ NYWICI breaks through the clutter and provides women with unique, valuable, tried-and-true career advice that they are seeking. Plus, since it is a coffee break, the guest and hosts sip and talk about their favorite caffeinated (or decaf) beverages! 


Claire WassermanEpisode 11
Claire Wasserman, Founder, Ladies Get Paid

Episode 11 on iTunes | Episode 11 on Soundcloud

Claire Wasserman takes a coffee break with NYWICI to discuss her organization Ladies Get Paid, which is empowering women to start the conversation about money in the workplace. Claire candidly discusses topics that she has learned women are often uncomfortable talking about, including revealing how much money you’re making (and what you want to be making), managing emotions and fear at work, salary negotiations, professional skills you could be getting paid for and why women are earning less money. No woman should miss this episode about how to start an open conversation about money — and keep that conversation going in order to eliminate the wage gap! Check out the Ladies Get Paid Workplace Bill of Rights.


Ann Shoket​Episode 10
Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life and former Editor-In-Chief, Seventeen
In Episode 10, Ann Shoket, author of The Big Life, shares takeaways and stories from her first job in journalism and her work as the editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine. Ann knows firsthand the importance of building a network in an authentic way. She offers her advice for landing your dream job, even if you encounter some rejection along the way. Plus, Ann reveals what goes through a manager's mind when an employee asks for a raise or promotion. Tune in to find out Ann's tips for getting "the Big Life" for yourself.


Marissa RoncaEpisode 9
Marissa Ronca, EVP and head of Original Programming, truTV 

Episode 9 on iTunes Episode 9 on Soundcloud

Marissa Ronca has had an incredible career in TV. On this episode she shares how she navigated through her unique career path by taking risks and asking about new opportunities. Marissa and Julie discuss the importance of self awareness in the workplace, how to manage a side project while having a full-time job, and why it’s important to not take things personally at work. Plus, you won’t want to miss Marissa’s tips about how to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth!


Julie PennellEpisode 8
Julie Pennell, Lifestyle Journalist & Author of The Young Wives Club

Join us for episode 8 as journalist and author Julie Pennell shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to write, publish and release her first novel, The Young Wives Club. Julie shares her unexpected path to journalism, how mentors have impacted her career, and the Robert Pattinson encounter she had while on the job. Plus, Julie explains why “figure it out” is some of the best career advice she’s ever received.

Liz PerleEpisode 7
Liz Perle, Digital Strategist & Consultant, Teen Trends & Tech

Liz Perle had such amazing career advice for the NYWICI Career Conference episode that we couldn’t fit it all in! So, we created this bonus episode to share everything she had to say. In this episode, Liz chats about her unique career journey in the teen media world and actionable tips on how to get a raise. Plus, Julie and Liz discuss how career paths have changed, if job titles matter, why complaining at work can be dangerous and why it might be a good idea to leave your job when you’re in a good place.


Liz KaplowEpisode 6
Liz Kaplow, founder & CEO, Kaplow Communications

Episode 6 on iTunes | Episode 6 on Soundcloud
On our first episode of the new year, Julie talks with Liz Kaplow, Founder, CEO, and President of Kaplow Communications — a top public relations firm that has been recognized as Consumer Agency of The Year. Liz shares some of the many lessons she's learned since launching her company 25 years ago, and explains how embracing "over-communication" has shaped her business. She reveals the steps she took to create an environment that offers her team flexibility while still producing excellent work, and she explains why she believes that "mentoring should be a way of life."

SCCC 2016Episode 5
Advice from the 2016 NYWICI Student Career Conference

Episode 5 on iTunes | Episode 5 on Soundcloud
Live from the New York Women in Communications Student Career Conference, it’s a special edition of Coffee Break w/ NYWICI! On this episode, Julie interviews five inspiring women at the conference. This episode features advice from Liz Perle (Digital Strategy & Consulting, Teen Trends & Tech), Jennifer Falk (Senior Marketing Analyst, Global Content Strategy & Distribution, Mattel Creations), Roxanne Emadi (Editor for News Curation, BuzzFeed News), Meredith Ferguson (Managing Director, TMI Strategy), and Brittany Masalosalo (Special Assistant in Vice President's National Security Affairs Office, The White House). Our guests spoke about the importance of staying curious, knowing your worth, what it takes to be a team player and how to be a standout employee.

Megan HessEpisode 4:
Megan Hess, Mobile and Emerging Platforms Editor at Bloomberg LP

Episode 4 on iTunes | Episode 4 on Soundcloud
This episode features an interview with Megan Hess, Mobile and Emerging Platforms editor at Bloomberg LP. Megan gives listeners a step-by-step guide to negotiating a raise, shares tips and sample scripts for tactfully transitioning to the next step in your career (including details on how to start that conversation with your boss), and explains why you shouldn't take a title change with no raise. Plus, she discusses the importance of separating professional failure from personal failure.  


Taylor StreckerEpisode 3:
Taylor Strecker, host of Wake Up With Taylor on SiriusXM

Episode 3 on iTunes | Episode 3 on Soundcloud
In Episode 3, Julie chats with Taylor Strecker, host of the morning show Wake Up With Taylor on SiriusXM Radio. Taylor opens up about how she decides when to take on (and turn down) opportunities, her tips for building and managing a team that's actually fun to work with, and her story of being lucky "but prepared for when the luck hit."


Amy OdellEpisode 2:
Amy Odell, editor, & director of Editorial Strategy,

Episode 2 on iTunes | Episode 2 on Soundcloud
On this episode, Amy Odell, the editor of and director of Editorial Strategy for, chats with Julie about how to find success and the reason why she says “You can’t wait around for things to happen to you.” Plus, the veteran fashion writer shares her insider tips for how to dress for work! 


Saundra ThomasEpisode 1: 
Saundra Thomas, vice-president of Community Affairs at WABC-TV

Episode 1 on iTunes | Episode 1 on Soundcloud

Grab a latte (or your coffee drink of choice) and tune into the premiere of Coffee Break w/NYWICI, featuring guest Saundra Thomas, vice-president of Community Affairs at WABC-TV. Host Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich chats with Saundra about staying centered at work and finding fulfillment in our career (even if you don't love your job).