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Ashley Miles Ashley is a life-long status quo challenger. Ashley is President of New York Women In Communications and most recently served as the Global Chief Business Officer at Thrive Global, reporting directly to Founder/CEO Arianna Huffington, leading worldwide sales, marketing and business operations focused on monetization and accelerating growth through Thrive’s enterprise, SaaS and brand partnerships.

Prior to Thrive, Ashley spent over six years building and scaling Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company for women. She exponentially helped scale Refinery29 as Chief Client Officer, Head of Advertising, drove and diversified revenue growth to a nine-figure business, including the launch and expansion of 29Rooms, the company’s most expansive offline, global activation. She also served as Regional Vice President at, an ad technology company and saw through its acquisition by Valassis and served as Executive Sales Director, Beauty at Time Inc.,, where she piloted growth in the Beauty and Wellness category.

Why she does what she does…
“Every morning, I’m excited to go to work and create experiences that truly add value to people’s lives. I love helping individuals and companies reach their full potential, accelerating from one stage to the next. Throughout my career, I have been a builder and a scaler and have been equally committed to investing in the people who make it all possible. That’s what gets me going every day.

“And it’s not just about growing and accelerating companies for its own sake. It’s about accelerating toward something meaningful. That’s why I’m so excited to be at Thrive, where our mission is to help individuals and corporations unlock human potential and end the stress and burnout epidemic. Through our enterprise and SaaS offerings, through the latest science and actionable Microsteps, we’re giving people the tools to actually change the way they work and live. It’s especially important for women, who pay the highest price for our culture of burnout and overwork.”

Drawn to NYWICI…
“What stood out to me about NYWICI are the amazing women throughout the organization, all pioneers in the field, who come from all generations and bring with them diverse skill-sets. There is a direct opportunity to learn from these NYWICI role models, while also supporting other women throughout the organization. And we’re all committed to having an impact, within our own companies and in the industry at large.”

Why she joined the Corporate Membership committee — and why other members should get involved too…
“The Corporate Membership committee gives me an opportunity to introduce companies and their employees to the powerful benefits NYWICI brings to the community of women throughout the industry. This includes access to valuable programming, a high-caliber pipeline of talent, and above all the opportunity to showcase the commitment of companies to invest in their employees and their professional development.”

Her favorite social media platform…
“I really love Instagram, especially when people use it to spread positivity, support and creativity.”

Communications’ biggest challenge or At the top of her trend-watching list is…
“At the top of my trend-watching list is everything that’s shifting in business. Look at the Business Roundtable, with nearly 200 CEOs coming together to agree on a different way forward for business, with companies committing to moving beyond shareholder primacy and delivering value to customers, their communities, and the planet, and investing in their people along the way.

“That’s a monumental shift, and it makes this an incredible time to be in business. At Thrive, we’ve been shaping this vision for a new and better way of doing business from Day 1. Everything we’re creating is geared toward accelerating this shift. We’ve rolled out people experience programs on everything from mental health and onboarding to communication and parenthood, bringing organizations the latest science and actionable Microsteps to create healthier cultures and drive better business outcomes. With the Thrive XM Index, we’re redefining the way businesses manage their most important asset — their people — by helping companies support their people in ways that really matter, including through life experiences that may appear to have no direct connection to the workplace. I could go on and on! But I’m closely watching how companies and leaders are driving this shift, and looking for every opportunity for Thrive to continue leading it.”

Off the clock, really…
“I enjoy spending quality time with my two daughters Mylah and Holland, my amazing husband Sam and extended family and friends. One of my new favorite activities, inspired by Thrive Global, is my 5-minute daily power walk with my daughter — merging a daily Microstep with family bonding.”

Her nirvana…
“Aspen is my happy place. My time there always includes skiing, vintage turquoise hunting, and recharging with friends and family.”

Did you know…
“I’m a collector of antiques, vintage and live by the Iris Apfel mantra: ‘More is more, less is a bore!'”

Day to relive…
“My wedding day — February 20, 2010 — to my college sweetheart in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Words to live by…
“The same words I tell my daughters every day: ‘Be kind, strong, smart and curious!’”

— Linda Descano


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