Georgia Galanoudis Beyond serving as the NYWICI Board’s Chief of Staff, Georgia Galanoudis guides the Media practice at HIMSS ensuring there’s a platform to showcase diverse thought and a variety of voices to help inform, empower and activate members of the healthcare ecosystem.

Prior to joining HIMSS, Georgia managed marketing solution agencies within large publishers, ran the strategy practice for a full-service digital agency and led new business efforts for a best-in-breed content agency. She’s built integrated content engagement programs and led enterprise content strategy and communications transformation initiatives for clients such as BlueShield of CA, NewYork-Presbyterian, S&P Global and Verizon. Her career journey has placed her within roles at Publishers such as Time Inc. and Meredith, and agencies such as Rauxa and MXM (now Accenture). The common thread throughout her varied experiences has been the power of data-driven insights and relevant storytelling to foster positive consumer experiences.
As a catalyst for change, Georgia’s business approach is grounded in the need to persistently evolve in order to thrive. She helps brands, organizations and people progress in order to stay relevant and competitive. She defines optimal ways to operationalize transformation and collaborate with teams to inspire and capitalize on their individual and collective strengths.

1. What inspired you to join the NYWICI Board of Directors?

My relationship with NYWICI began with a desire to support a younger generation that’s just getting started. Friends and colleagues often seek my advice when needing to evolve to meet new challenges. NYWICI does this at scale. I feel right at home.

2. What piece of career advice do you live by?

Find what you value, what’s most important to you, and keep it front and center. I’m motivated by curiosity and compassion and I’ve allowed my career journey to be driven by these values. I always look for opportunities to expand my knowledge, learn new things and challenge myself, but never at the expense of others. In every role I look for ways to support co-workers, clients and brands. I want to help solve their problems and bring out the best in them.

3. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a classically trained actor and consistently reminded of how my theatre background has set me up beautifully for my career: fueling creativity, understanding motivations, collaborative problem solving, comfort with constructive criticism and meeting impossible deadlines.

4. What is the best thing you’ve watched, listened to and/or read in the past month?

Leigh Flayton is an up and coming playwright who’s written a timely new play called “Classic Six.” It’s a story that spotlights a woman’s reckoning with her younger self’s “me too” moment. As women, we’ve likely all had our own “me too” moments, and through this heroine we have the opportunity to say now what we’d wish we’d said then.

5. What 5 people, living or dead, would you invite for dinner (once we can eat in groups again)?

Family and friends top the list, but otherwise I’d love to hear what philosophers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, St Thomas Acquinas, Emmanuel Kant, Nietzsche and Jean-Jacques Rousseau have to say about the world we live in today — our polarized society, technology and the pandemic.


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